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What does the experts say

... Let's see what you think about it

When you read these lines you probably find it too weird or even funny, right?

Don't worry you are not alone, there are many medical and nutrition experts thinking like you, some even think that the whole theory is nonsense.

They find that in the long term such kind of diet may result in unbalanced or poor intake of essential nutrients for improved health: cutting of intakes of milk diaries containing calcium or meat, fruits or vegetables, sources of iron, may cause to Osteoporosis, Anemia or various diseases. Some experts think that Dr. D'Adamo succeeded very much in promoting his theory and made good money from it.

On the question, Can this diet be useful for safe and health weight loss, opinions are not similar:

One say that restriction of food groups and control about what, when and how much you eat certainly may help in achieving your weight loss goal. Blood type diet recommends eating fresh or fresh made natural foods and thus avoid consuming junk-food and "take away", too much coffee and chocolate, recommends on some preferred physical activities too and all of those factors can positively affect lifestyle and may assist in weight loss too.

Others say that this diet is another cranky way to get people cut their calorie intakes and it's not convenient way at all. First there is a need in blood test, to determine blood type, after that whole family have to prepare food according their blood type and that's another problem. Although the theory at first gives impression of it's based on scientific research, in fact it's far from the truth.




It'll bee interesting to think, that our blood type still is in its evolutional process so in the not so far future another blood types will appear - Type of fast food and junky food, take away, chocolate and sugar snacks blood type.

I personally find it as amusing thought and I like it...

To be little bit serious and somehow summarize our subject - Blood type Diet, I would say that although many diet and nutrition experts criticize and aren't giving it a chance I personally have met and interviewed people which already tried and found it surprisingly effective. They stick it no matter what experts say - You can't argue with facts - 90% of them simply feel much healthier and have no reason to abandon proven system. It is not a perfect world; good for one isn't always that good for another. So we can't expect that one solution will fit all.

For my humble opinion, if this diet is a new for you and you still feel the urge to try it then give it a try for a week or two, see how it works for you: see how you feel, if you are losing weight at all and then make medical check up, just to avoid lack of essential nutrients in your body.

That way you might be one of the 90% that Blood Type Diet really works for them.


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