Favorite Weight Loss and Diet Books

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Can authorized, professional and well designed information help you achieve your weight loss goals?

There can be only one unswer and it's even predictible... Yes, and big time, Yes! How much do you know about successful, safe and effective weight loss or diet? Can you be sure that you know all you have to know to succeed and achieve your goal? Although your answer is yes, knowing more useful information probably can't hourt you, even might be helpful, don't you think?

And where you can find best and most comprehensive informatioon about required issue?  The most antoin and known way, the books, always was and as it seems to now, will be the preffered on. 

You might find anourmous amounts of information on the WEB but it still has to be found, organized, checked how correct it is and sometimes even to be printed tomake it to easy to utilize form. If you purchase a weight loss or diet books without research, you may throw your hard earned money out the window. Amongh thousends of books today, it's practically impossible to tell which one deliveres the best value to it's price.

Therefore we do most comprehensive researched and continuously study which of diet and weight loss books really do their job. Take a look below on a list of the top recommended diet and weight loss books which may help you in your journey to rich the answers you are seeking for:


Weight Watchers New Complete Cookbook

If you're a Weight Watcher, this collection of 500 recipes in a handy loose-leaf binder could put you in the fast lane on the road to success. This cookbook is designed for Weight Watchers' 1•2•3 Success program: points are assigned to foods based on fat, fiber, and calories, and your daily point allowance is based on your current weight. So you can eat what you want, as long as you don't go over your allotted points. The better your food choices, the more you can eat before you run out of points.

Eating well and losing weight have never been easier - or more delicious! This comprehensive Weight Watchers cookbook is packed with more than 500 fresh and flavorful recipes for every meal and virtually every occasion. With countless cooking tips, helpful how-to's, and sixty color photographs, Weight Watchers New Complete Cookbook is the all-in-one kitchen resource you'll turn to again and again for grat iseas and inspiration.

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The EatingWell Diet: Introducing the VTrim Weight-Loss Program

My wife and I have lost weight every week we have tried this diet. It is very easy to understand and implement. The recipes are fantastic and very filling. We are amazed that we can lose weight and still eat most of the foods we love. We are eating better and feeling better than we have for years. The concept behind this book does not rely on gimmicks or unproven theories. The basic idea is that your body is like a calculator. What is added is calorie intake (weight you gain) what is subtracted is energy burned (weight you lose). The book explains how to easily calculate and eventually balance this equation. After trying a host of diets that were embarrassingly unscientific and unworkable it is nice to find one that is logical and practical.

Jean Harvey-Berino, Ph.D., R.D., is a Professor and Chair of the Department of Nutrition and Food Sciences at the University of Vermont, one of the world's leading centers of behavioral weight-management research. An accomplished obesity treatment researcher, she has appeared on the Today Show, National Public Radio, and in numerous newspapers and magazines as an expert on the subjects of weight loss, obesity and nutrition.

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The Seven Pillars of Health

Having been in the field of health for almost 40 years, and having teethed on Dr. Walker's books in the '60's, I can truthfully say this is the most comprehensive, easy to read (and understand) book on 'helping yourself to health' that I have read in years. The only drawback is financial: if you buy yourself a copy (and read it), you will find yourself buying copies for everyone in your family who is living away from home!"

Dr. Don Colbert is a board-certified medical doctor, highly trained in alternative medicine, and Christian author with thirty-six titles totaling over 3.5 million copies sold. He believes in combining alternative and traditional medical practices for optimum results in achieving optimal health...and he shares his life message in a program that guarantees wellness in just seven weeks.

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Body for Life: 12 Weeks to Mental and Physical Strength

"This is NOT a "quick-fix" program, it is meant to be a new way of life. If you do not have the motivation or the willpower, it won't work. But for me, it has made me a new person. I have so much more confidence in myself and am so proud of myself that I have the discipline to do this and I am seeing such fantastic results. I have gone from 22% body fat to 16% in 5 weeks. My cellulite on my legs is GONE."

Bill Phillips had been publishing bodybuilding magazines and marketing nutritional supplements for years when he had a weird revelation at a trade show: many of the most loyal and enthusiastic readers he had were totally out of shape. From that uncomfortable realization came his popular Physique Transformation Contest (top prize that first year: Phillips's own Lamborghini), now world famous, and this book.

The three-times-a-week weightlifting program in Body for Life is deceptively simple. If you've spent any time in the gym, you've already done all the exercises. But Phillips includes a couple of high-intensity sets at the end of each exercise that should compound the training effect on each muscle group. Same goes for the cardiovascular exercise he recommends: just 20 minutes, three times a week. But those 20 minutes are spent jacking the intensity up and down, accomplishing more in less time.

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The Fast Track One-Day Detox Diet: Boost metabolism, get rid of fattening toxins, safely lose up to 8 pounds overnight and keep them off for good

You know how it is. That special event just around the corner and you can’t fit into your designer jeans. You need a fool-proof, emergency weight-loss method that really works and works fast. So how do you safely and quickly lose those extra pounds?
Once again, renowned health pioneer and bestselling author Ann Louise Gittleman has a quick, no-strings-attached solution that is also good for you. She is always on the cutting edge of developing new methods to rejuvenate the body and facilitate weight loss and she’s done it again in The Fast Track One-Day Detox Diet. Gittleman takes the age-old method of fasting and incorporates it into a safe and healthy one-day plan that helps you lose weight fast, gets rid of toxins, and gives your body a cleansing boost to prepare it for even more weight loss down the road.

I had about 20 pounds to lose, and tried other methods but couldn't seem to budge them. The key thing about any diet or eating program is that everyone's chemical makeup and metabolism responds differently, and so they don't work for everyone.
The people who would benefit the most from this book and this program are those with a combination of certain symtoms and habits, plus a willingness to spend time, energy and money on shifting how they eat.

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Breast MRI: Diagnosis and Intervention

Well made with a fantastic amount of pictures. A great help when you have to start breast MRI from scratch."

This is an excellent comprehensive text covering all aspects of breast magnetic resonance imaging. … an extremely useful text. … covers all the relevant theory behind this subject … . The illustrations … are of very high quality. … I commend this text to those who are practising breast MR, those wishing to improve their practice in this field and also those embarking on interventional breast MRI, as well as the interested radiology trainee. … very well referenced … ." (Dr. Erika Denton, RAD Magazine, October, 2005)

The authors have achieved their stated purpose: to review magnetic resonance (MR) imaging of the breast, including principles and practice of this essential imaging modality. … Breast MRI now stands alone as the best current reference text for the team that deals with normal and abnormal breast findings today: mammographers, surgeons, oncologists, and pathologists. It should be on hand for every radiologist performing breast MR imaging and should be available to show clinical colleagues classic images that match daily findings in patients." (Robert Hurwitz, Radiology, Vol. 243 (1), 2007)

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Dr. Neal Barnard's Program for Reversing Diabetes: The Scientifically Proven System for Reversing Diabetes Without Drugs

"I bought my diabetic husband this book for his birthday. He read the book cover to cover in 3 days and radically changed his diet (not difficult for me since I'm already a vegetarian). He has lost 12 pounds in 2 weeks and is FINALLY committed to making the kind of changes that will help him live longer. His diabetes has been under control for quite some time, but on Dr. Barnard's new diet, he feels younger, healthier, stronger, and, most importantly, OPTIMISTIC after reading Dr. Barnard's book. Just one note of caution, we have modified the diet a bit since eating all that soy can cause some issues with thyroid medication and hormone levels. We recommend that you speak with your doctor before starting the diet."

NEAL BARNARD, MD, is a physician, clinical researcher, and adjunct associate professor of medicine at the George Washington University School of Medicine. His books include Breaking the Food Seduction, Foods That Fight Pain, andEat Right, Live Longer.

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How to Fight Cancer & Win

"I would highly recommend this book to anyone with cancer, or to anyone wanting to avoid cancer. Many types of cancer treatment are presented, most of which are intended to change the conditions in the body that allowed the cancer to exist in the first place. Cancer is a symptom of a body that has become out of balance. If those out-of-balance conditions are not corrected, the oncologist will be fighting a losing battle. If you have cancer, do yourself a favor and find out how many doctors are treating it, you'll be able to make better-informed choices regarding your own case."

William L. Fischer has been involved in medicine, health care, and natural healing for over 30 years. After working with several of the largest pharmaceutical manufacturers in his native Germany, he moved to the United States and began publishing books on natural healing. For him to obtain the most comprehensive information available, his research has taken him around the world to such diverse places as Iran, The Far East, Europe, and Egypt to study natural healing techniques and practices of other cultures. He is the author of over a dozen books including the following: How to Fight Prostate Cancer & Win; Breakthroughs in Arthritis; Secrets to a Healthy Heart and Low Cholesterol; and Eye Secrets to Better Sight

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Dr. Atkins' New Diet Revolution, Revised Edition

Dr. Atkins's diet is extremely low in carbohydrates, which helps to regulate insulin production and decrease circulating insulin; less insulin soon results in less fat storage and fewer food cravings. The diet is far from torturous, though--those who've tried it attest that hunger is not a part of this plan. Ninety percent of Dr. Atkins's patients--more than 25,000 of them--have experienced dramatic weight loss. The book includes recipes for such luscious, low-carb dishes as lobster soup, zabaglione, sea bass, and blueberry ice cream, and even includes a carbohydrate gram counter and menus.

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The Swiss Secret to Optimal Health: Dr. Rau's Diet for Whole Body Healing

By changing the inner milieu, as Dr, Rau explains, we can return to optimal health. This book clearly tells the reader why and how that happens...and gives delicious recipes for using the right food to detoxify,rebalance,and strengthen the natural forces within us, thereby not allowing disease to take hold.I recommend this book highly!"

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Extreme Fat Smash Diet

"My sister and I did the original fat smash diet and at first I wasn't sure that it was going to work. When we finished that program, I lost over 30lbs. I still want to lose an additional 20lbs and after reading through this book, I see it happening. I met Dr. Ian Smith in person in Baltimore and he signed the "extreme fat smash" for me. He held a free meeting for over 3 hrs and expressed his concern for individuals who are not healthy. He is more concerned with health than six pack abs. This diet is not truly a diet but rather a life change. To be quite honest with you, anyone who has their mind made up to lose weight, will lose weight. Find what motivates you and go for it.  Don't go for gimmicks, Smash the fat. "

Ian K. Smith, M.D. has helped celebrities lose weight on VH-1's "Celebrity Fit Club" and is now helping all of black America do the same through his 50 Million Pound Challenge, sponsored by State Farm. Smith is also a medical contributor to ABC’s The View and a columnist for Men's Health.

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The Eat-Clean Diet: Fast Fat-Loss that lasts Forever!

With The Eat-Clean Diet, the diet that fitness professionals rely on, readers will transform themselves from sluggish, exhausted and overweight to energetic, lean and fabulous! Just like the author and cover girl Tosca Reno did when she was sixty pounds overweight, readers will discover how to make their bodies burn fat while eating tons of food. We've all seen the fitness professionals on the covers of magazines and wished we could look like them. The truth is, they are real people. Just like you, they had to figure out how to get their bodies to look like that. And they all came to the same conclusion: Eat Clean!

Tosca Reno, author of The Butt Book, weighed over 200 pounds when she graduated from University in her 20s. At age 40 the still-overweight mother of three discovered eating clean. By 41 Tosca had become a fitness participant and swimsuit model, appearing in such magazines as American Curves. She now writes a regular over-40 column in Oxygen magazine and has written many articles for Reps! and Maximum Fitnss.

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Making the Cut: The 30-Day Diet and Fitness Plan for the Strongest, Sexiest You

Michaels, who gained recognition as a trainer on NBC's The Biggest Loser, pushes to get you in "the best shape of your life." Assuming you are already in fairly decent shape, if you have 20 or less pounds to shed and are willing to make the commitment, Michaels promises to have readers "feeling comfortable running in a bikini." Determining body fat percentage and taking a "fit test" is par for the course in this sort of book. What separates Michaels' program is that she bases the diet on whether a person is a "slow oxidizer, balanced oxidizer, or fast oxidizer." The idea is that slow oxidizers require more carbs, while fast oxidizers need higher percentages of protein.

Michaels provides three different sets of menus and recipes (she claims that there is sound science behind this, but don't expect to see helpful footnotes quoting clinical studies). The majority of the book is list-like and not invigorating to read. A glut of trainer-driven fitness books seem to be hitting stands lately; this one only stands out if you accept her notion of oxidizing.

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The South Beach Heart Program: The 4-Step Plan that Can Save Your Life

This year alone more than 1 million men and women in this country will suffer a heart attack or stroke. The shocking fact is that the majority of heart attacks and strokes can be prevented with the medical knowledge we already possess. Yet this isn’t happening. Why? Because doctors and hospitals are paid more to treat disease with invasive techniques like angioplasty and bypass surgery than to prevent it.

Thanks to his aggressive prevention approach, Dr. Agatston rarely sees a heart attack or stroke in his practice. Now you can benefit from the prevention strategy he uses to help his patients every day.

The South Beach Diet, and companion titles have topped 17 million copies. He has authored groundbreaking studies and is frequently quoted as an expert on cardiac health and diet in the media.

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Prescription for Nutritional Healing, 4th Edition: A Practical A-to-Z Reference to Drug-Free Remedies Using Vitamins, Minerals, Herbs & Food Supplements ... A-To-Z Reference to Drug-Free Remedies

Prescription for Nutritional Healing by nutritionist Phyllis A. Balch and James F. Balch, M.D., has long been considered one of the most trusted, comprehensive sources on the mind-boggling array of vitamins, minerals, herbs, and other dietary supplements now available. Working from the premise that a good diet promotes good health, this third edition of PNH still starts with the basics: consume fresh produce, grains, and lean meats; avoid foods that are processed or high in saturated fat; cook using glass, stainless steel, or iron--never aluminum; and drink filtered water. The authors also stand by their claim that the government-prescribed recommended daily allowances are ridiculously low, and that the book's optimal daily intake for nutrients should be followed instead.

Written by a medical doctor and a certified nutritional consultant, this comprehensive guide to nutritional, herbal, and complementary therapies discusses natural healing programs for some 300 health conditions. Arranged in alphabetical order, it's a useful ready-reference tool, although it could have benefited from a good bibliography.

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