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Weight Watchers Diet: WeightWatchers Diet Plan for Weight loss Watchers

Weight Watcher diet Review

The Weight Watchers Diet

If you ever been on a diet you probably know how difficult it is to stick it and it's restrictive weight loss demands. Weight Watchers system makes it easier for dieters to stick to the diet and achieve the weight loss goals. It's a combination of group counseling, exercise and low fat diet.

The whole system is based on the weekly meetings of the members where they discuss their dieting experiences, exchange ideas and receive support and advice. It's always easier to know that others are going through the same difficulties and to discuss with others who understand you.



How it works and is it healthy plan?

The program is based on calorie-control, using the food points system. There are no restrictions on food but they are limited to a certain number of daily 'points'.

Every consumed food is given a number of points on the Weight Watchers system. The dieter who starts weight loss has to consume certain amount of points every day. The menu may contain even not recommended food but in minimal amounts because of their high point value.

In Weight Watchers menu healthy food have the lowest amount of points and may be consumed in increased amounts.

The diet plan also provides valuable advice on healthy eating and eating habits changing, in order to meet a healthier long-term lifestyle and keep the excessive pounds away.



What is the Weight Watchers diet Program?

It's more like slow steady weight loss in rate of about 2 pounds a week, which is the accepted maximum.

Use of the Weight Watchers points system allows a recommended number of points each day and the number depends on your initial weight and weight loss goal.


What are the Diet pro's?

The Weight Watchers Program has some strong points to motivate the weight loss:

  • The point system - it's a powerful tool to change eating habits and develop healthier eating habits instead

  • Counting points and calories is only temporary diet method to start losing weight and get necessary knowledge about dietary and nutritional basics.

  • The Weight Watchers are not selling you any kinds of special food or expensive secret formulas

  • The weekly meetings are to provide support and advice,allow the dieter to get interacted with other and exchange ideas or experiences



What are the Diet con's?

The trouble with food which is not listed in the Weight Watchers eating plan. Determining the number of points for those kinds of food might cause to difficulties to stick the program.

Also, the price - costs of $45-60 per month seems like a little too high for the cost conscious crowd. Not everyone can really afford this kind of monthly expenses. 




In total, the Weight Watchers program is and has been a good weight loss system. Although it seems that the competition from other weight loss systems on the market affected it too. The points system of the latest version is the same as the one before, but with a lot more marketing and slogans attached.

The promotional campaign also acts in more aggressive tactics. In attempt to attract overweight people they promise weight lose while still eating the food they like.

Dieters, with bad eating habits and need of shad off excessive pounds, it could be hard to motivate to make needed effort to stick the diet restrictions for long time until diet goal is achieved.


Read more about The Weight Watchers Diet:

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weight watchers.com/food/index.aspx

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