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The Coconut Diet

The Coconut Diet review

The Coconut Diet by Cherie Calbom

It seems that anyone who's looking for making fast money is coming up with weird idea and proposing us a new diet plan. And you'll not believe but it doesn't matter how weird the idea is, you can always find people following it and always might be ones from thousands that succeeded with it. 

I'm going to talk about a new diet plan which ispresented as a book "The Coconut Diet" by Cherie Calbom.



How the diet work?

The diet in the book is structured on a 3 week period of time. A low carb diet which is fortified with magic ingredient "which melts the fats on you" - Coconut oil.

Contrary to the approach that saturated fats are not healthy for your body, now dear Cherie Calbom claims the opposite that these - Coconut oil which is rich of saturated fats, will magically improve metabolism and burn the fats away.



How the Coconut diet Differ from others?

More efficient weight loss is achieved when it's combined with low-carb diet, just like Atkins. Moreover, coconut oil supposedly improves thyroid function and might be assisting even in Candida treatment.

By the way, it seems that coconut oil really became to a magical substance that assists to fight as many illnesses as you wish. You can find it in almost every field you'll look.



How the diet is structured?

When we check The Coconut Diet it is very similar to a well known diet, Atkins' low-carb diet.

To give the diet ma ore effective looks it's divided to 4 separate stages and all of them have its own goals to achieve.



The Coconut Diet Stages

The First stage

Lasts for 3 long weeks, restricts to dieters consuming any kinds of Carbohydrates. They have to manage with lean foods like turkey, chicken, fish, nuts, eggs and cheese.

Dieters have to drink up to 10 glasses of water


Second stage – Detox Stage

Lasts for 4 weeks in order of cleansing liver, kidneys, gallbladder and Colon by drinking water mixed with lemon and olive oil.


Third stage

On this stage at first during the whole diet regimen dieter is going to have Carbohydrates in his meals. Assuming that dieter already is 10 pounds lighter than at the beginning, he is allowed to treat himself with some fruits, whole grains and potatoes.


Fourth stage

Introducing of more carbohydrates to diet and keep drinking of coconut oil on regular basis.


What is the expected weight loss rate in Coconut diet?

It's expected to achieve 10 pounds of weight loss during first 3 weeks, and slow the weight loss rate to 1-2 pounds per week, after that.

Interesting fact is that those weight loss rates might be achieved by restricting of carbohydrates from regular diet. Its well known that coconut oil enhances the function of thyroid gland but as it is too rich of saturated fats. Efficiency of coconut oil in this diet is somewhat confusing.




Is the diet scintifically proved?

The author of The Coconut Diet isn't giving explanations about how Coconut Oil positively influence on weight loss. She isn't giving any scientific proves to her claims about coconut oil weight loss qualities. It's more like science fiction than scientific approach to health of dieters and their main goal of improving lifestyle. There is no necessary need to put dieters' health in danger by consuming significant quantities of saturated oils.


And a word of warning:

Very same results might be achieved by using another proven and well balanced diet systems existing on the market.

Moreover, according my personal web research I've found some testemonials about weight gaining with The Coconut Diet. Dieters complained that instead of weight loss they become 5 to 8 pounds havier during first two weeks of diet.

So be aware that what may be good for one doesn't have to be good for you too.




As I see The Coconut Oil Diet, as long as we have no proven medical research results, I would not recommend it to you and dieters should avoid Coconut Oil Diet, unless you urge to try it, regardless of the impact on your health.


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