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The Grapefruit Diet

The grapefruit diet review

The Grapefruit Diet

It's hard to write review about a diet and to not think about others I've already reviewed. What can I say about this one and not to repeat myself? Every time I'm preparing the review I see that basically they are the same with one or two twists to cause to look different from others.

This is the case with the so popular grapefruit diet too.It was known since 1930 in various forms but became especially popular in 80's. Restrictive menu, about 800 calories daily and consuming of grapefruit or its juice with each meal unlimited grapefruit
consuming to activate the metabolism and burn

fats, unlimited amounts of coffee, boiled eggs as daily protein source and piece of toast all those yielded at the end of diet regimen about 10 pounds of weight loss. It's clear that such kind of menu is very unbalanced and the dieter can't follow it for long period of time.



What does the experts say?

Experts warned about the danger of unbalanced diet and discourage in every possible way grapefruit diet followers. Since then it passed about 20 years, grapefruit diet was changed and got a new form.

Grapefruit diet now includes most of the vegetables: celery, red onions, spinach, lean meat from chicken or crab, fish, pasta, starchy vegetables, peanut butter, low-fat salad dressings.

The fact is that the average size of a grapefruit has only 70 calories makes it free to consume at any amounts to fill the stomach, depress hunger.



Grapefruit diet research

New researches discovered some new facts. One of the leaders in Grapefruit researches is San-Diego's Scripps clinic's Nutrition and Medical research center. Dr Ken Fujioka made surprising statement that he has new data on how grapefruit promotes weight loss with almost no changes in eating and exercise habits. The participants in his research didn't change their eating or exercise habits at much but archived quit impressive weight loss rate.

 3.6 pounds off during 12 weeks, was a result of participants who ate grapefruit with each meal, 3.3 pound those who drank grapefruit juice and humble 0.5 pounds grapefruit-free participants.

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Pro's of Grapefruit diet

The numbers are not as impressive for a 12 week diet but let's face the fact that although the participants ate whatever they wanted they lost 3.3 – 3.6 pound. And there are additional health benefits the participants gained too.  Among grapefruit-consuming participants Lower levels of insulin, blood sugar and fat metabolism regulator hormone, have been found. Reducing the risk of diabetes or stroke might be the most crucial result of this diet.


How it works

Large quantities of unique plant compounds assists in weight loss and lower insulin levels are grapefruit contents. It's hard to link between excessive weight and increased insulin levels. The last can be explained with non efficient sugar utilization. Decomposed sugar has to be converted to energy or else it is stored as fat. Increased insulin levels causes to the appearance of hunger feeling and consuming more food.

Increased levels of insulin affect fat "burning" in the humanbody.

When we put all the facts together it becomes clearer how grapefruit, which lowers insulin levels, assists in weight loss too. The only thing which still unclear is what ingredient in the grapefruit causes the lowering of insulin levels in the body.

In order to reduce Risk of diabetes, we should be careful before recommending consuming of large amount of grapefruit to anyone. Experts feel that there is not enough data to make clear conclusions and additional researches regarding to issue should be performed.



Is this better plan than others?

The grapefruit diet, in the form it was utilized in 80's was unbalanced, with poor calorie intake and too restrictive form of diet. It was hard to follow it for long period of time. In its new form the Grapefruit diet is more balanced and a better diet plan.

According to the last 20 year experience, it was proven beyond any doubt that the best diet plan has to include: well balanced menu with various kinds of foods, regular exercise and living healthy lifestyle - the only way to achieve successful long term weight loss and prevent from shaded fat to return again.



Con's of Grapefruit diet

All nutrition and medical experts warned dieters to be aware that grapefruit can interact with various medications potentially causing serious side effects. Enzyme which is responsible for natural breakdown of medications is inhibited by Flavonoids and Furanocoumarin contained in grapefruit juice, and might cause the increasing of medication levels in blood, potentially lead to toxic side effects. If you take medications you should consult your doctor before taking any medications and eating grapefruit at the same time.

Another issue: dieters with stomach or digestive problems should be very careful and reconsider grapefruit consuming. It's a known fact that citrus juice is irritating the stomach tissue and may cause to heartburn, known as reflux, and stomach ache. It's better to avid consuming grapefruit to prevent unpleasant feeling and ache.

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