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The Body Clock Diet

The Body Clock Diet review

The Body Clock Diet

During the last few weeks I'm reviewing various diets; I compare them, their stronger and weaker sides, how much effort dieter has to invest in succeeding with them. They all claim that they are different from others, that they have something that others don't.

Sometimes that's true and sometimes not, and that's because of the nature of the diet: it's all about controlling of your eating habits, changing lifestyle and if needed, even changing both of them. Most successful diets nowadays are combining those two to get efficient weight loss and weight maintenance after that.

It doesn't matter if the diet is medically proven or right, to become a successful one, it has to get properly promoted. We all know that some of diets are real risk to your health and many experts are criticizing them for it but they are popular and very successful for their authors as they make lodes of money for them.



What is it all about

Our Subject, a new diet which is waiting to its recognition, is presented as book called 'The Body Clock Diet'.

The author of the diet is a dietitian, Lyndel Costain. He presents a healthy approach to weight loss, losing weight the healthy way by preserving your health condition. The diet requires making changes by dietarian in his food consuming habits and lifestyle to benefit him/her with better health in most effective manner.

As we said, most of the diets are structured on restricting various food categories from diet regardless the process occurring in our body. When compared to others the Body Clock Diet is trying to find a healthy way to connect the food you eat and the processes taking place in your body (energy expenditure) during your alertness.

All your activities during the day, Everything you do is planned by you and is regulated by the clock you have on your hand.

It turns out that your body has its own clock and all the processes in your body such as metabolism, appetite, sleeping time and energy levels, all they are preprogrammed and taking place in their time. Therefore, according to this new approach you have to cooperate and work with our body and never against him if you want better health and losing unwanted pounds.

When you look at energy spending chart, it becomes obvious why food has to be consumed in naturally right time... when your body has the most energy expenses, otherwise it is using an internal resources to feed up thing that might be dangerous to your health.



How The Body Clock Diet Works?

When you eat a well balanced diet on a regular basis, the feeling of hunger is turned on and off by the natural way. Therefore The Body Clock Diet keeps dieter in sync with his circadian or natural rhythms (biorythms).

The body clock Diet is based on the healthy approach by balancing diet with necessary nutrients like plenty of starchy carbs, protein rich foods, low diary products and fruits and vegetables.

The diet plan lasts 14 days and each day includes 3 well balanced main meals and 2 snacks between them.

For vegetarians there is 7-day vegetarian plan too.


Why is The Body Clock Diet different?

What makes this diet different from the others is the timing when the food is consumed: grains and cereals should be eaten in the morning to gain effect of insulin on the brain, light blend low Glycemic cabs and lean proteins should be consumed on dinner to gain most effect on the digestive process.



And how effective The Body Clock Diet is? How much weight I can lose?

When you properly use The Body Clock diet you may expect achieving the average weight loss rate - losing of 2 pounds per week.

The book's conversational style makes it easy to read. It's well written and nicely presented book which explains how the body clock is working and how daily rhythm is affecting your weight. It's also well illustrated and makes it a pleasure to read.

The book comes with delicious looking recipes and is enriched with helpful nutritional and motivational tips too. In the book you won't find any special ingredients or strange diet ideas about instant weight loss.

In short, 'The Body Clock Diet' when it is wisely used can help you shed pounds and keep them off for good.


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