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The New Beverly Hills Diet

The New Beverly Hills Diet review

The New Beverly Hills Diet

When I've first heard about "The Beverly Hills Diet" I've seen in my imagination gorgeous, slim and well shaped movie stars from glowing Hollywood and in my mind I thought that at least their secret is disclosed.

Motivated with this silly thought I started searching what exactly this diet is about and if I could try it too.

You know, I would like to look like them too ... :)



Is it simple to follow diet?

The diet Plan was too simple and seems like losing weight would not be a problem at all.

The whole plan is based on eating fruits and nuts.

The diet focuses on eating a single type of food for a whole day. One day you eat nothing but grapes, the next day just melons.

According to this diet plan you have to prevent mixing of substances from different groups to prevent non desired chemical reactions taking place in your body. Unfortunately, this concept hasn't been scientifically proven yet.



Who is the author of the diet?

The diet was introduced at first by its author, actress Judy Mazel, in 1981. She claims that specific fruits act on the digestive system in its specific manner: Papaya is softening fat, Pineapple is burning it and the watermelon is flushing it out of the body.



Is it really working?

There is some misunderstanding of biochemistry in this plan.

Grapefruit can assist in sugar absorption but it can't burn fat.

Fat can be burned only by effort - workout or exercise.



How much can I lose with this diet?

According to this plan losing of 10-15 pounds is achievable in 35 days.  Eating different types of food together is one of the causes behind the weight loss. In addition the problem with this diet is that the eating plan is really boring.



What are a stages of the diet?

The diet is divided to 3 stages:

  • First stage -- first 10 days dieter eats only fruits

  • Second stage -- 11-19 day only carbohydrates are allowed

  • Third stage -- day 20 dieter is going to have a protein



Has the diet the drowbacks, side effects?

This plan is more like a fast, short term weight loss diet, instead of a long-term eating plan and is not recommended to continue more than one month. Fruits alone cannot supply the body with all the minerals and vitamins it needs every day.

The lack of food protein sources and fast weight loss, might cause the body irreversible damages and remain exposed to malnutrition and diseases. The muscle mass and water level might decrease and instead of eliminating excessive fat it will stay untouched in it's place. In case of gaining back the weight, muscle mass will simply be replaced by fat again. For the long term it will be harmful for the body.




Is it recommended diet plan?

To summarize this diet, as it was in its original form, it was not a good one.

During this diet the body constantly will be in lack of essential minerals and vitamins, lots of fruits will cause to diarrhea, and there is a risk of water and muscle weight lose too, which is definitely not a safe and healthy way to lose weight.

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What does expert say?

Experts and doctors have warned dieters about the danger in non balanced diet and after some time and workup authors published more updated and balanced version of Beverly hills diet.


How differs the new diet plan from the old one?

Today, The New Beverly Hills Diet, instead of a book, became comprehensive day-to-day, easy to follow, support system.

It gives the dieter hand-holding guidance in combat with excessive pounds by changing of his eating habits, lifestyle and is focused on Conscious Combating technique which was first introduced in 1981.

Comparing to the original Beverly Hills Diet when dieter in first 10 days was consuming only fruits without any protein sources, the new Beverly Hills diet is more balanced, containing foods from all food groups, even on its first week of diet.



Is the new diet plan approved by authorities?

** The New Diet now meets all standards set by U.S. Senate Committee on Nutrition and Human Needs.



What is in the diet menu?

The new Beverly Hills diet now have menu with open eating guidance. It includes up to 21 open meal choices in 35 day regimen when the original diet was more restrictive and allowed less deviations of choices.

Baked potatoes on butter, pasta, steak, shrimp and fresh fruit, various salads with vinegar salad dressing or with real oil, with no portion control, and even with a glass of wine or champagne - all that savory could used in preparation of every ordinary meal during the diet regimen.



Is new diet plan easier to follow than the old one?

The bottom line is that The New Beverly Hills Diet is much more realistic approach to weight loss and dieters needs during 35 days of restrictive diet regimen.

It gives real good chance to succeed in weight loss and day by day with supportive hand-holding guidance work out new eating habits in order of changing lifestyle at the end of diet course.



Typical The New Beverly Hills Diet Menu

The first day of diet:

  • Pineapple

  • Corn on the cob

  • LTO salad with a Mazel dressing

LTO salad

With sharp knife, cut 1 large, firm head iceberg lettuce, 1-2 peeled Cucumbers, 4 tomatoes and 1 large red or Spanish onion into chunks. Tosswith Mazel dressing or natural oil.

Yield: 2 servings


Mazel dressing

Combine together 1/4 cup rice vinegar, 1 cup sesame oil, 1-2 small

Cloves of garlic(to taste) and chopped or grated ginger (to taste).

Yield: 1 1/4 cups


Second day of diet:

  • Prunes (8 oz.)

  • Strawberries

  • Baked potatoes on butter


Third day of diet:

  • Grapes


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