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The Abs Diet: Abs Diet by David Zinczenko, Flat Abs Diet Recipes

The Abs Diet review

I'm confused! Yes my dear friends this is the truth! I'm confused!The Abs Diet by David Zinczenco

So many diet plans, so many restrictions: do this,  avoid that; eat this, do not touch that. What's going on? What's all this insanity? Why can't I eat well, feel healthy and the same time look well too?  Is that possible? And after the diet plan is over how exactly I have to maintain the weight with those crazy restrictions?

When I'm talking about looking well I'm not talking about looking as some movie or pop star from magazine covers. No, just look well, no excessive pounds on me (and not fat belly) and have a healthy body.

Did you know that fourth of the Americans are on some kind of diet? And can you imagine that about 95% of them perhaps will fail? Yes, after deep disappointment they will return to their old weight and they'll even become heavier. And why that's happening? The answer is simple - all of today's diets are unrealistic, restrictive, possibly unhealthy, sometimes confusing and even tedious ...

I'm tired of looking for simple plan that will not limit my freedom and doesn't restrict all my favorite food and I want to share with you my little secret... I think I've found it, the right one, Yes you have heard right! You know I've found it!

Most diets recommend cutting some food out of the daily menu but this one isn't! This one is all about food I have to include in my menu to not get hungry! Ha..a..ah!

Well, it's the Time to meet The Abs Diet plan.



What is the Idea behind The Abs Diet

The idea behind this plan is quite simple and is based not on science fiction but on real life ...

We all know that the human body has to spend energy for daily existence and maintenance. To keep the muscles and organs in shape, to function normally and movement always is spend energy – The bigger body mass is, the higher the value of energy that's spent.

Muscle tissue has higher density than fat, thus by shifting fat to muscles we gain twice: one, the muscles look much prettier and sexier than fat and the second, by converting fat to muscle the body burns the fat and loses weight. Therefore, instead of cutting the daily food intake for weight loss, this diet focuses on increasing the energy demand above the normal level. Gained the extra muscle mass is absorbing all the calories that otherwise would be stored as fat. And the body has to assist in the effort: It has to burn more existing fat to keep up function.

It turns out that to gain 1 pound of muscle, the body have to spend 50 calories per day above all. Therefore, increasing muscle mass by additional 10 pounds, the body have to spend about 500 calories of food daily intake every day. Thus during a week you'll lose humble 1 pound of the excessive weight and that's quite impressive.

Interesting fact is that with six abs diet plan “snowball effect” is achievable; it means that more exercise form more muscle weight, more muscle weight allows better shape, harder and longer exercise and losing more weight.

Once the snowball starts rolling it will turn into an avalanche on its own.



What about foods in The Abs Diet

The 12 powerful food are:

  • Almonds and Other nuts

  • Beans and Other legumes

  • Spinach and a couple of other green vegetables

  • Dairy (low-fat) products

  • Instant hot oat cereal

  • Wholegrain breads and cereals

  • Eggs

  • Lean meat (such as turkey)

  • Peanut butter

  • Olive oil

  • Berries

  • Protein powder

The dieter has to avoid other food during the diet.


Are the foods in diet balanced and healthy?

These 12 foods are supposed to provide much balanced and healthier diet. Consuming this food will ease on the dieters' body to increase lean muscle mass and eliminating excessive fat storages.

All those foods have been found and proved (in one or more):

  • Assisting muscle building

  • Help promoting weight loss

  • Lowering blood pressure

  • Lowering cholesterol levels

  • Strengthening bone structure

  • Improving immune system functionality

  • Prevent and fight heart diseases

  • Prevent and Fight cancer



Has the Abs Diet any Restrictions or Guidelines?

The Abs Diet has its guidelines too:

  • Entire meals or snacks might be based on thosefoods

  • The whole diet demands avoiding large meals

  • Instead of that the dieter will have 3 major meals and 3 snacks between them:

    • Meal to Snack 2 hour period

    • Snack to meal 3 hour period

    • Thus between the major meals will be 5 hours.

Is it easy to follow the diet?

It seems that it wont' be easy to follow the diet and especially for long six weeks.

However, the regular exercises should make a big difference. In addition to the weight you will lose, you also get to show off a nice set of abs. Your body becomes fit and far better toned than before.



What is the expected weight loss rate in the Abs Diet?

The main difference we have to notice: even if it seems that you aren't achieving your weight loss goal and aren't losing much weight, you actually are replacing fat storages in your body with well shaped muscle.

Anyway, you can expect to shed about 12 pounds in first two weeks of dieting and gain the same value of confidence, health and great looks.


What about Pro's and Con's of The Abs Diet

Pro's - The Abs Diet is a great plan to get fit, feel lean and strong, look great in clothes (and without too), improving your confidence, body condition and health.

Compared to other diet plans, the food consumers are allowed to eat consists of 12 nutrient-rich power food. They contain all the necessary minerals, vitamins and fiber that our body needs to stay healthy over the six weeks of dieting.

Con's - with restrictive demends of the diet and intensive exercise it will be not too easy follow the diet and dieter shold keep motivating himself and even exernal help of friends and family will be helpful too.


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