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Blood type diet

Blood type diet review

The Blood Type Food Match diet

Nowadays, many efforts are invested to research how to improve metabolism and gain weight loss by consuming right food. For this same purpose suggested Dr. Peter D'Adamo, naturopath and the author of the book "Eat Right For Your Type ", new form of diet.

According to Dr. D'Adamo, metabolism and wellbeing can be significantly improved by consuming appropriate food matching your blood type.

In simple words, Metabolism is Chemical reaction between blood and consumed food. If they match then reaction is more efficient and you feel healthier, you'll lose weight and you'll lower the risk of many serious illnesses.



How it works

Blood group determines how our bodies deal with various nutrients. Each blood group has its unique antigen (marker). Food contains protein substances – Lectins, which have agglutinating properties and tend to bind with glucose molecules prominent from walls of cell. When eaten incompatible to your blood type food, Lectin begins to agglutinate to the blood or body organ cells.

Different Lectins target different organs or body system.

When Lectin is agglutinating to:

1.    mucosa in bowels - digestive problems appear;

2.    blood cells - increased blood clotting is caused;

3.    insulin receptors - metabolic problems;

4.    nerve cells - hyperactivity;

5.    when they irritate immune system to produce antibodies - auto-immune allergies and illnesses appears.

The Blood type is inherited on genetic basis. Molecules determine blood type are made up from glucose which tails are prominent from walls of cell. It turns out that Lectins are agglutinating differently to various types of blood.

For instance: Lectin of chicken meat agglutinates to blood type of AB and B and as such causes to increased congelation of blood. For the long term it might deteriorate to stroke or heart attack. On the other hand in blood type O, molecules binding this specific Lectin  are absent, thus they may consume chicken safely.

Milk diaries contain sugar - Galactose which is similar to molecule of blood type B. Therefore B type blood owners may consume milk diaries with increased tolerance but in case of O or A type appearance of allergic response might be expected.

It turns out that blood type determines hormone levels in the human body and even its nervous responses (moods) too. Therefore it’s reasonable to think that differences of blood type may explain personality of human being: Depression or Impulsivity is common for owners of blood type O, restlessness for type A, and excessive sensitivity for owners of type B.

Fortunately, not all Lectins in our food are life threatening (most of them aren’t). In 95% of cases our immune system eliminates them but about 5% succeed to intrude to bloodstream and cause to problems in different organs.

Dr. D'Adamo believes that stomach acidity and digestive enzyme levels are related to our blood type. Diet designed according to blood type will ease on digestive system to absorb food more effectively and prevent negative effect of Lectines.



The Evolution of Blood Types

He believes that blood types were evolved in different stages of human evolution thus the food we should consume have to be similar to that of our ancestors.

According to this wierd theory:

  • Type O was evolved 50,000B.C when our ancestors were hunter-gathers and had high-protein, meat-based diet.

  • Type B was evolved 15,000B.C when the hunter-gathering lifestyle was replaced with farming type lifestyle and their main food was based of veggie.

  • Type B supposedly was evolved around 10,000B.C when our ancestors leave behind farms and started wandering the land. Their diet changed to more varied including meat, dairy, grains, and vegetables.

  • Type AB was evolved just 1,000 years ago and the meaning is that AB group individuals can consume mixture of food suitable for type A and type B too.

Each of this four blood types have a detailed list of recommended food to avoid and those that should be included.

Moreover, each group of blood type have recommended activities or exercises just like their ancestors had.

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