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The Mayo Clinic Diet

The Mayo Clinic Diet review

The Mayo Clinic Diet

When you see the name of this diet you might get the impression that the diet comes from well known Mayo clinic but in fact Mayo clinic and this diet are not associated at all. The name somehow adheres to this strange diet and follows it through the years…

I would say it's strange and confusing because in this one, just like in grapefruit diet plan, the magic ingredient is Grapefruit.

It's funny to discover how easy it is to convince dieters in such a rumor like: grapefruit assists in burning the fat. When such assumption is made the dieter allowed consuming almost whatever he wants and still achieve weight loss goal.



Is the diet working?

It's really hard to believe that the eating of high fat ham and eggs for breakfast, and having meat, vegetables and salad dressings for lunch or dinner, might lead to significant weight loss even thought half of the grapefruit is consumed with each meal. With this kind of diet, if it's really working, why should you starve yourself and choose another plan?



What is in the Menu?

When we check the diet plan and see different kind of food in unlimited amounts, any kinds of vegetables in unlimited amounts too, any kinds of salads or dressings it's hard to see how exactly the dieter can get rid of excessive weight.

I'm afraid that half glass of a grapefruit juice or eating half grapefruit will not help to lose all of the calorie intakes.



Theory behind the diet

Mayo clinics diet is supposedly banning main energy source complex carbohydrates and makes them to less digestible.

Although the fact that grapefruit is burning the fat is right, which is still unproved, this diet plan is unbalanced and can't be useful as long term weight loss plan.


What are Pro's and Con's of the diet?

Fat and fried foods are known to be causing increased risk some serious diseases: cancer and heart illnesses and all of them can be prevented with reducing the excessive weight.

To summarize, this diet plan couldn't be the good one because of its weak sides:

  • It's hard to believe that it could work for long term weight management

  • It's poor in complex carbohydrates

  • Consuming of large amounts of fats can cause developing of various diseases

  • Contrary to initial goal of losing weight, the dieter may gain weight because of the food cravings

  • Even from nutritional point the Diet is unbalanced

  • Too much meat could be another problem too



Is it healthy diet?

It's obviously not preferred option for healthy and long term weight management.

Even if it's associated with well known institute it doesn't make this diet plan to one that could be safely recommended to anyone.

Moreover, during research about Mayo Clinics diet plan I came across with various forms and menus of diet with this name. For my humble opinion they all are taken from another diet plans and somehow got named as Mayo Clinics diet plan.



How would you summarize the diet?

My advice will be to avoid diet plans with this name and instead choose another diet plan (it's not difficult at all with such kind of wealth of diet plans) - You can easily find the one which fits you and provides what it promises; is proven as healthy and safe for long term weight loss.


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