The Zone Diet: Dr. Barry Sears Personalized Diet Plan, Food In Zone Diet

The Zone Diet Review

The Zone Diet

The Zone Diet with a catchy, easy to market name, is a new, very popular and trendy diet program. It's mostly known as "Celebrity diet" and many dieters are joining the circle just to go through what the Celebes have or are going.

Read how they describe it: "The Zone diet is a simple, well-balanced, clinically proven anti-inflammatory lifestyle that can help you lose excess weight and keep it off forever, fight the effects of aging, reduce the risk of chronic disorders and improve physical and mental performance."

Isn't it impressive? I bet it is...

let's see what is it all about it.

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Theory behind the diet

The philosophy behind this diet is balancing each meal consumed by formula known as 30-40-30 that means 30% of meal has to be protein, 40% carbohydrates and another 30% various fats.

One of the things that contributed to the diet popularity is that many restaurants have included Zone diet meals in their menu.



Food in Zone diet

The good thing about Zone diet is that unsaturated fats are preferred from saturated ones. Including various foods to the dieter's meals is the key factor of the diet. Moreover, no foods are restricted from diet and weight loss goal successfully is achieved by adhering to diet plan.

The Zone diet means that to stay in zone, dieter has to take a closer watch about total daily calorie intake of the recommended 500 calories with additional 100 calories max for snack.

The dieter has to consume recommended recipe meals with about equal amount of low-carbohydrate content and proteins. In such way carbohydrates contribute more energy than protein for daily functionality.

The foods consumed in The Zone Diet are the classic mix of low-fat foods: chicken or fish, low-fat cheese, fruits and leafy green vegetables, nuts, 8 glasses of water each day and some olive oil too.

During the restrictive diet regimen hormonal balance between Insulin and Glucagon is achieved to allow the body avoiding storage of calorie intake as fat and burn up the energy intake in an efficient way.


How it works

When the human body was created it got various systems to keep its functionality balanced. Consumed food is getting into the digestive system and is broken down to amino acids which are blocks helping build another ones that are necessary to preserve the body and health in perfect condition.

Some of the necessary amino acids are produced by the human body but there are some others that could not be produced and has to be consumed with food to get desired balance in the body.

All described processes are controlled by Hormones which are produced in the human body to keep it functional.

Overloading the body with consumed carbohydrates causes to production of increased amounts of Insulin. Insulin is the Hormone which is responsible on carbohydrates break down.

Increased levels of insulin causes to another mechanism to take action and it is converting of excessive carbs to fat and placing it in storage in less active places of the body like thighs, buttocks, belly and others.



Con's And Pro's of the Zone diet

If 30-40-30 ratio between protein-carbs-fat is kept, it supposedly will help to prevent appearance of the hunger feeling.

The dieters are encouraged to have no refined carbohydrates with low in nutrition value, and to prefer consuming of low-starch vegetables and fruits.

With It's low daily calorie intake the Zone Diet is recommended by nutrition experts more as "quick-fix" rather than long term safe weight loss regimen.

The diet is a quite new and there is a lack of information about its long term effect on the dieter's health. The lack of essential nutrients and high protein content is another reason to take The Zone Diet with additional caution. With 500-600 calorie intake, managing of exercising or other sports activities will be quite difficult for the dieters, even for the strong ones.




Following restrictive demands of the Zone Diet, makes it hard to manage food content with right 30-40-30 ratio of ingredients. The problem could be avoided with food deliveries but there is always the question of the price and mostly for long period of time.

Another question is regular hunger feeling. Low carbohydrate content traditionally leaves the dieters with hunger feeling and makes it harder to stick the Zone Diet's restrictive guide lines for long period of time.

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