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The Cabbage Soup Diet

Cabbage Soup Diet Review


Diet again and this time with famous cabbage soup. If you ever tried to lose weight you most likely have tried this one too in some of many versions. All known diets have author, someone who takes the whole respect on the invention but cabbage soup. It might be some folk invention that claims that cabbage has its own ability to burn fat.

But it's known how human body is functioning and can be certainly said that fat is burned by effort (working, exercise, and workup) not by eating vegetable with some special qualities. It's interesting that if you are willing to prepare cabbage soup you can't find one definitive recipe of cabbage diet.

Any one who tried promoting this diet has added or took off some of the substances from it. That means that in cabbage diet you will find other ordinal food too.

There are all type surroundings about cabbage soup. According some of them

Cabbage soup diet is referred to "Mayo Clinic" or "Sacred Heart Hospital" but cabbage soup diet doesn't have nothing in common with this institutes.



Does the Cabbage Soup Diet Work?

According the testemonials about cabbage soup diet, as a result of Diet you may expect lose 10-15 pounds during a single week and it's not true. Even in case that it's true, we know well how the fast diets are working: weight loss most likely is achieved by decreasing water and muscle mass levels and that's dangerous to your body, dangerous to health.

The idea behind the cabbage soup diet and basic guidlines are simply drinking cabbage soup and filling the stomach with cabbage in order to depress feeling of hunger to force the body burn the fat while maintaining.



Free Cabbage Soup Recipe

In its early version cabbage soup diet was nothing else but the basic fad soup.

Nowadays, the Cabbage Soup Diet has been added new various ingredients as: fruits, vegetables, low fat milk, lean meat, chicken or brown rice. All those additional substances allow dieter stick to this diet for a longer time. There is restriction on drinks too: no alcohol, no soda and sweetened juices. Water and unsweetened fruit juices they are the only drinks allowed.

Cabbage soup itself is made from cabbage, onions (or onion soup mix), tomatoes, green peppers, celery, carrots and mushrooms. Some other variations of cabbage soup might be found but basically they are the same.


Cabbage soup Diet Pro's and Con's

When we summarize this diet, its pro's and con's, we definitely can say that this kind of diet is not a good one for long term weight loss. It's aimed to dieters which expecting some special occasion and need some short-term “quick fix” diet to lose weight and get a shape.

As all other diets this one has its own cons and pro's.

The con's are: fast weight loss in most cases is achieved by losing water and losing muscle mass. In those cases fat remains untouched on its place and in case of gaining weight more fat will replace loosed muscle mass. Some of the people have reported on side effects like decreasing of concentration, feeling weak and light headed.

The pro's are: The diet lasts only 7 days. Fast weight loss sometimes might motivate dieter to continue with the diet by changing it with more balanced and well designed healthy diet.

Moreover, the low calorie intake at the core of the diet will force the body to enter starvation mode and hang on to the existing fat for its survival.

This without a doubt is not a healthy way to lose weight.

If you still urge to try this diet here's one of the plans:



Free Cabbage Soup 7 day Diet Plan

Day 1

  • You may eat as much cabbage soup as you want

  • You may eat as much fruits as you like except banana

  • You may drink unsweetened drinks: coffee, tea, water or cranberry juice

Day 2

  • You may eat as much cabbage soup as you want

  • You may eat fresh, raw or cooked vegetables you choice

  • You may eat big baked potato with butter for dinner

  • You may NOT eat fruits all day

  • You may NOT eat sweet corn, beans, and peas

Day 3

  • You may eat as much cabbage soup as you want

  • You may eat as much fruits as you like except banana

  • You may drink unsweetened drinks: coffee, tea, water or cranberry juice

  • You may eat fresh, raw or cooked vegetables as you choice

  • You may NOT eat baked potato

 Day 4

  • You may eat as much cabbage soup as you want

  • You may eat as many as 8 bananas

  • You may drink as much low-fat milk as you like

Day 5  

  • You may eat cabbage soup at list once a day

  • You may have up to 6 fresh tomatoes

  • You may have up to 10-20 ounces of beef

  • You may replace beef with boiled or baked chicken, or boiled fish

  • You have to drink at list 6-8 glasses of water - wash uric acid fromthe body

Day 6

  • You may eat cabbage soup at list once day

  • You may have beef or even have 2-3 steaks if you prefer

  • You may eat fresh vegetables or salad

  • You may NOT have potato

Day 7

  • You may eat cabbage soup at list once day

  • You may eat all you want of brown rice, unsweetened fruit juices and Vegetables

  • You may NOT eat bread, alcohol, not carbonated beverages, not diet cola

As we see the ingredients of the diet are, in themselves, healthy. Diet lasts only 7 days therefore it can't cause to serious health problems in healthy individuals. Dieters with special dieter needs, as diabetics, should definitely consult with a doctor before starting this kind of restrictive diet.

And a word of warning:

** It is highly recommended to not follow this diet more than 7 days

** Although, you do not suffer from any health problems, be aware of the fact that the most safe and effective long-term weight loss could be achieved only by combining of healthy well balanced diet plan with regular exercise and workout.


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