Inflammation of the bladder

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Inflammation of the bladder review

Bladder System

Recommended foods to consume for effective natural treatment are:


  • Cranberries

  • Cherries

  • Blueberries




How it works

Statistically one of three women may suffer from inflammation of the bladder.

In most cases once the person gets the inflammation it’ll come back periodically. 

It’s caused by microbes from vagina or anus coming up to urethra and from there to bladder.



What are the symptoms of inflammation?

symptoms of inflammation are frequent urination and feeling of burning when urinates. The Inflammation of bladder in most cases is caused after sexual intercourse because of proximity of anus and vagina.

Doctors recommend to women who are suffering with inflammation of the bladder to drink cranberry juice systematically. Exact mechanism of Cranberry juice action isn't known yet but it&'s supposed that the content of Cranberry prevents microbes adhering to the walls of the bladder.



How prevent from inflammation coming back?

Drinking couple of glasses of juice daily can prevent coming back of inflammation and sometimes even intake of antibiotics, the most conventional and effective treatment today.



Why are Cherries and Blueberry family so effective?

By the way, Cherries and other Blueberry family fruits because of high content anti-oxidizing agent – Bioflavonoid might be helpful too and they are considered as anti- inflammators too.




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