High Blood Pressure, Hypertension

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High Blood Pressure, Hypertension, Review

Increased Blood Pressure

Recommended food for lowering of blood pressure:


  • Banana

  • Citrus fruits

  • Tomato

  • Pomegranate


How it works

Increased, High blood pressure known as he "silent killer" is one of the most frequent causes of disease and death mainly because of heart and blood vessels illnesses in the brain, and kidney insufficiency.

Early discovery and treatment may save life.



Incresed blood pressure treatment

The treatment is based on medicine intake, reducing of weight, lessening of drinking alcohol and smoking and lessening sodium usage in food.

And... You may just eat Tomato!!!



What is Likofen and how it may help?

Until now Tomato was known as a main supplier of Likofen. Likofen is known as helpful in preventing of various kinds of cancers: cancer of prostate, stomach, lungs and cancer of large intestine. Now it turns out that because of the fact that it’s great anti-oxidant it’s effective in reducing of blood pressure too.

Medical research found that taking Likofen pills during 8 weeks period, reduces blood pressure to normal. Researchers believe that it’s possible to reduce blood pressure by natural means. Instead of taking Likofen pills recommended to eat daily: 5 tomatoes fried in a little amount of oil (Likofen if soluble in oil and absorbs easily by human body), or eating 50gr Ketchup.



Can Pomegranate help to lower blood pressure?

Another research gives a prove that Pomegranate is containing substances that prevent contraction of blood vessels and restricts action of specific enzyme ACE which helps in producing substance causing to increased blood pressure. Most of the medicines are helping with blood pressure are based on restriction of ACE. According research reports drinking pomegranate juice is helping as the same medications.



How Potassium can help?

And, there is potassium...

Many fruits and vegetables are rich of potassium, mineral which is responsible on fluids in human body. When it is used in increased amounts than sodium it causes to eliminating excessive fluids from body and it’s known as diuretic.

It causes to decreasing volume of blood and thus to decrease of blood pressure. 



Potassium content in various foods

Each middle size orange contains about 237mg of potassium which is about 10% of daily recommended norm.

Banana is potassium content rich fruit too - 467mg potassium.

There are another fruits as Apricot, Pear and Grapefruit which have high content of potassium too.

Half glass of boiled Beetroot or half glass of boiled Broccoli has potassium content like an Orange.


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