Winter illnesses

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Winter illnesses review

Winter Illlnesses Kiwi Garlic

Recommended foods to prevent winter illnesses:

  • Garlic

  • Citrus fruits

  • Kiwi

  • Red sweet pepper

  • Yellow papper

  • green pepper


How it works

Garlic - There are individuals that can't stand its smell but it's known especially because of its strong odor.

Garlic is one of the most effective vegetables in preventing and healing of illnesses from flue to heart diseases and even cancer.

It doesn't matter if it's boiled, fried, cooked, baked, garlic is the most wonderful natural medicine which fights in hard diseases as in easy ones. Garlic is successfully fighting in bacteria's, microbes, and is most powerful anti oxidant to defeat infective illnesses.

It is successfully fighting in parasites, warms in bowels, decreases joint problems, helps in digestion process, prevents inflammations, and lowers glucose level in the blood, balances blood pressure, acts like natural Aspirin. Garlic is known as a natural medicine thousands of years and scientific researches back up its healing qualities.

Latest research claims that active substance - Halicin is activating immune system in the human body to fight with intruding microbes and bacteria's. Another research claims that it can be helpful to prevent gaining weight – another advantage in Garlic.

It contains large amounts of vitamin C, known fact, which is reinforcing immune system and significantly decreases symptoms of winter illnesses like influenza (flu) or grippe.

So, our recommendation is instead of taking medicines and pills it's better to eat fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C content - citrus fruits, peppers or kiwi.

Kiwi contains strong anti-oxidant photochemical named Lutein and assist in elimination of illness factor.


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