What is the Mediterranean diet?

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The hottest thing today!

You know what? No matter if you like it or not, the Mediterranean diet is the hottest thing you can try today for every hardcore dieter out there.

The reason is that the diet plan is a lot less restrictive than other diet plans. And compared to others this diet actually encourages you to drink a red wine.

For this reason many people today consider the Mediterranean diet as the perfect diet.

Want to achieve a healthy weight and keep your blood pressure low? ...and additionally reduce the risk of heart disease? Try the Mediterranean diet.

Ok, now... is it true? Will it actually work for you?



What are you allowed to eat?

If you wonder what are the foods allowed in diet plan, here's what the Mediterranean diet looks like:

  • There's A LOT of fresh fruits and vegetables

  • a huge amount of vegetarian dishes traditionally prepared with fresh produce (no frozen, no canned�)

  • a lot of fish

  • very little beef or pork

  • some poultry

Well, this looks like very healthy diet, doesn�t it? The only problem is, in Mediterranean they do have fruits and vegetables in season all year round when this is not the case in Northern Europe and much of the USA.



Olive oil

Additionally the main ingredient of the Mediterranean diet, olive oil, is considered to be the ultimate source of phenolic compounds. It is supposed to help reduce cholesterol and even decrease the risk of developing certain types of cancer.

Even though replacing as much animal fat with unprocessed vegetable fat will be great, the olive oil still isn't the only one that can help you, if you are looking after having more phenolic compounds in your diet!

As you probably know, phenolic compounds are found in berries, prunes, red grapes and red grape juice, kiwifruit, currants, apples and apple juice, and tomatoes.



Red wine not really necessary

Also, as you probably suspect the red wine is not really necessary for the diet. If you are not comfortable with daily alcohol consumption red grapes and red grapes juice will do just fine .

And the last thing: this diet is time consuming. The Mediterranean diet takes an awful l ot of your time!



It's all about fresh produce

First of all, every single meal have to be prepared from fresh products - means you have to cook with fresh produce for every single meal - no frozen dinner at all!

Also, it should not be discounted that life on the Mediterranean is generally conducted at a slower pace than life in the United States and Western Europe.



Take it easy and enjoy your food

The Mediterranean diet is not just about what you eat...

...it's more about how you eat your fresh food.

As might you know in the Mediterranean people are eating their healthful meals during a long relaxing midday break.

Opposed to US, where the frozen meal is eaten during a quick lunch hour... while simultaneously trying to make it to another 10 appointments.




If you have time and motivation, we strongly recommend you the Mediterranean diet! I'm quite confident that once you experience the delicious and healthy choices that the Mediterranean diet has to offer you, it just might become your favorite diet as well!


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