What is the Mayo Clinic diet?

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The Mayo Clinic Diet review

Isn't it interesting that even the diet is called as a Mayo Clinic diet it actually doesn't really come from the Mayo Clinic? Moreover, it has nothing to do with Mayo Clinic?!

And once again, people are mislead by idea that grapefruit accelerate fat burning. Thus, dieters are free to indulge high fat food like ham and eggs for breakfast and meat, vegetables and salad dressing for lunch and dinner.

Isn't it great? This look like a diet? It looks more like dream that come true! Actually it would be a dream, if it only worked!

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mayo clinic diet planThis diet right from the beginning sounds too good to be true.

You can eat any kind of meat and any amount of it at every lunch and dinner...


With any amount of veggies?


And salad dressing on top?!

So, let me know where does the weight loss part come in, ok?

Seems like this diet is every fast food lover's dream, isn't it?   :o)

Unfortunately, it's wrong concept and half of grapefruit and half a glass of grapefruit juice can't burn away fat in any circumstances... It can't help much when the dieter is busy feasting on meat and vegetables.

It's true that this Mayo Clinic diet bans complex carbs to help weight loss. But it is still worth remembering that these complex carbs are used by your body as the main energy source.

The studies proved that the idea that grapefruit burns fat is correct but this diet is still too unbalanced and can't be used as a sound long-term eating plan.

If you want to eat foods associated with increased risks of heart diseases and cancer such as fried and fat foods are, than be aware that this is not a good tradeoff for lower body weight.

Also if you eat large portions of food on a regular basis it certainly does not square with a strict diet.

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Just to make diet more popular and attract more people the Mayo Clinic diet actually uses name of famous institution.

Many people who are desperate enough lose weight believe even in this type of eating plan. It's perfectly understandable since they are attracted by the idea of a diet rich in meat.

As mentioned above the Mayo Clinic is considered as unbalanced from the nutritional point of view and since it encourages overeating.

If you can you better avoid this diet plan and choose a better one instead... there are many diet plans out there that doesn't sound as good, but have been proven as effective to help you lose weight.


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