What are the health benefits of walking?

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Walking health benefits

You probably know that walking has many health benefits and positively affects your health and well-being, right?. But... can you actually list what those benefits are? "Take a hike, it's good for you!" must be an expression that you already have heard of, isn't it?.  There is a good reason that experts encourage you to follow this particular advice. Walking really IS good for you and there's no question about it.

Walking is human's natural means of transportation, a cardiovascular activity that activates various groups of muscles in your body and actually is keeping your body in a fit condition. Walking often is called the art of traveling by foot that in today's society, full of cars, various vehicles and transportation methods, is almost forgotten.

It more and more become to kind of a lost art.

This must be changed if you want to stay healthy and keep your body in a good condition. Many Health experts stress out again and again that walking as a basic body activity is important for your body and has so many health benefits for you.

And what these health benefits are? Read on a short list of benefits of walking that we have compiled for you.

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Health benefits

As we've mentioned earlier, walking is an important, a basic cardio vascular workout that:


  • aids in alleviation of depression and lower back pain

  • can help reduce your risk of heart disease

  • aids in maintaining a healthy weight

  • improves coronary condition

  • increases your muscular strength

  • reduces risks of infection and hypertension

  • curbs the decrease in bone density

Walking also help in maintaining flexibility and coordination and as such is reducing the risk of falls. Have we said already that physical activity is good for you? Walking like almost all forms of exercise, improves your body condition, contribute to better health and zest to your life!



Social and economic benefits

Did you know that aside from the health benefits, walking has some great social and economic impact in today�s society as well?

Compared to driving a car that costs you about $5,200 a year, walking is free and it does not cost you anything at all!

When you go for walking, you get in touch with people, you get more time to interact with them. Shall I remained you that walking has been scientifically proven as a basic activity that help improve your self-esteem? Since it boosts metabolism in your body as a result of biochemicals that are released into your blood stream, relieve symptoms of depression and anxiety, help  improve your mood and lower the negative energies accumulated in your body.

And why not to turn walking experience into a great opportunity for relaxation and recreation with family or friends? Walking in pleasant surroundings with other people, offers you so many opportunities for social contact as well.



Environmental benefits

Did we talked about how walking can contribute to environmental issue? Walking actually could be the only form of transportation known today that will not contribute to air pollution.

Every motor vehicle produces some kind of oxides during the burning process.

Did you know that 31% of total carbon dioxide, 81% of carbon monoxide, and 49% of nitrogen oxides released in the United States alone, come from motor vehicles?

And this is whopping of 60% of air pollution!

The yearly raising numbers of individual cars increase the total traffic and overall air quality is continuously deteriorating.

Can you imagine the millions of barrels of oil burnt every single day around the glob?!

You can help lower the number :)



Transportation benefits

What could be said more about walking exercise?

There is another interesting aspect that we shall to reconsider: walking does not contribute to traffic, it requires less space than cars for a road and it saves so much place and time of car parking. The way you walk and the speed you walk eliminates the chance of deadly accidents :o)  It significantly reduces the risk of vehicular accidents on the road.

Roadway congestion - it can be resolved by walking, isn't it?

Streets and highways that carry more traffic than they were designed to handle, are resulting in wasted time and energy, pollution, driver frustration, and gridlock. And that can be resolved also

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Since more and more people are focusing on the activities that they take part in and the life style they live, it's the right time for you to start taking advantage on this basic but so effective exercise called WALKING!

Free up some time every day to go for walk for at least 30 minutes and 4-5 times a week. Remember, Walking is good for you, for your health and well-being.

So don't discount walking!

Take our recommendation to go walking every day and you will soon feel the great health benefits it offers!


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