What are the causes of obesity?

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The Causes of Obesity

junk food

Did you asked yourself a question:

"What are the causes of obesity?"

I guess you know the answer:

The unhealthy eating habits combined with sustained lack of activity are the main reason to be obese.

When the food you eat give more calories than you need for your daily activities, when you burn less calories then you eat, then the excess is converted and stored as a fat deposits on your body.

And that's the basic and simplest definition of obesity.

Although there are several reasons why people become obese, the top ones are disorderly eating habits. Since you become so busy and have neither spear time nor the inclination to control your meals, combine that with a sedentary lifestyle that you are leaving, and you get a health situation out of control.

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Obesity has other reasons too. It can be inherited from your parents as well. If any of your family member has some obesity history, then you should be sensitive to the situation and it would be good for you to watch your weight.



Junk food

I know how busy lives we have... and I'm well aware of the fact that we do not watch the food we eat... In spite of that it does not mean that we should eat the fast food restaurants offer us.

Take for example a single burger... when it comes to calorie intake it worth a whole meal, but it definitely can't fill your stomach... and your stomach will keep asking you for more, despite the fact that your body does not need more calories!



Do you feel like giving up?

So many people today are bothered with their looks. They try different diets, and those diet work for some of them. Some of those people manage to lose a few pounds but you know what happens after that?

They simply quit.

They always return to the old eating habits... to their old lifestyle. And what that means?

Once again, they regain the weight they have lost after so many efforts. The interesting thing is that when diet follows diet, your body gets used to these �lean times� and makes it even harder for you to lose unwanted weight!

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I know you'll say that it is too hard to follow a diet for a longer period of time. Your body will always crave the forbidden foods. It seams that craving for forbidden foods it is a human nature. It turns out that foods that are forbidden are even more attractive, aren't they?

Well, in this situation what you will need to do is to adjust your diet and lifestyle to your needs. You'll apparently need to free more time for exercising.

Want your own good and  overcome obesity? Then follow these simple recommendations.


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