What are the benefits of weightlifting?

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What is weightlifting good for?

woman is weight-liftingDid you know that if you want to lose fat or change your body, one of the most important things you can do is lift weights. Many women even today refuse to do weightlifting.

For some reason they think weightlifting will make their bodies look like man.

And you know what? That is simply not true!

First of all, there is big difference in the hormones of man and woman. Mans muscles development is managed by Testosterone, the hormone which women have very little of it if any and additionally the woman's body do not tend to "bulk-up" with weight training.

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Diet and cardio are equally important, but when it comes to changing how your body looks, weight training wins hands down. If you were considering but hesitated to start a strength training program, it may motivate you to know that lifting weights has some great effects on your musculoskeletal system.

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Weightlifting benefits

So, what are some of the benefits of weightlifting?

  • Weight lifting will make your muscles, connective tissues and tendons stronger, raise your metabolism as you build more muscle and muscle burns more calories than fat; means you'll be burning more calories all day long

  • It strengthen your bones, especially important for women, it make you stronger and increase muscular endurance. Contributes to muscle conditioning, which is important for the overall stability and strength of your body. If it is well maintained, it will be beneficial until the end of life.

  • It will contribute to the maintenance of functional abilities, Improve coordination and balance that Help you avoid injuries

  • It will help prevent osteoporosis, sarcopeni, lower-back pain, and other similar disabilities

You see, the way you sit or stand are influenced by the health of a network of neck, shoulder, back, hip and abdominal muscles. Stronger the muscles you have you'll stand or sit straighter and more comfortably. You definitely will notice improvement in your balance and stability.

Your will see how your ability to handle stress will drastically improve. You'll notice the positive physical changes in your body when you develop a regular exercise routine.

However, weightlifting offers you much more health benefits: you'll sleep better, i.e. fall asleep quicker and will have a deeper sleep.

I'm sure it will not surprise you to discover that regular exercise has been found be one of the 3 best tools for effective stress management!

As mentioned earlier, just like most form of exercises, weightlifting raises the metabolism and thus help your body burn more calories that will help you maintain your optimal weight.

Keep in mind that even if not to see your overall weight change, you still will notice how you gain muscle and lose fat.

That way, over time you should notice decreases in waist measurements and body fat measurement.



So, what next?

I suggest you always remember the saying �something is better than nothing� and that you start improving your health now. You don't have to join a gym to get a great strength training workout. A gym is nice because you'll have plenty of variety of exercises by having both machines and free weights.

But even if you do not join the gym, even a little start like lifting those grocery bags and rocking your baby to sleep may mean a decrease on your risk of muscle loss for long term.

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And at the end as always word of caution! Before weightlifting turns to a daily part of your life, please consult with your doctor first.


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