What are Fat Binders?


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We have to admit in the truth – Eating is one of the most pleasurable organism may have. If food looks, smalls and tastes great than all our senses together are creating most pleasurable culinary symphony which delivers unforgettable experience.

It is fact that most tasty foods commonly are marked as most non healthy and non recommended ones too.

Proactol Fat Binders

Now, imagine that you can eat all those appetizing foods, with rich content of dietary fats in it but it doesn’t troubles you, because fat doesn't enter to your body!

The Fat binders act just like that – they bind to fat (absorb it) and convert it to hard to digest form. If utilized right way, the basic quality of fat binders as chemical fat magnets can be beneficially used for most effective, long term weight loss.

Consumed foods are decomposed and fats are floating on the surface of stomach.

Fat binding supplement, taken after eating, effectively absorbs (attracts) the lipids (fats, oils, waxes) to form insoluble, large enough complex, avoiding passage to small intestine and absorbing to the body. Created complex passes through the digestive system and is excreted in natural way.

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Efficacy Of Fat Binders

Fat Binder products are aimed to decrease amount of digested fats and calories absorbed into the body.

The rate of decrease depends on effectiveness of fat binder supplement – more effective fat binder is more fats are eliminated. Fewer calories absorbed creates energy deficit and leads to weight loss.

Efficacy of Fat Binders in obesity reduction have been tested and proved in clinical trials.

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Some of Fat Binders were approved as effective weight loss promoters even by FDA.

It’s Awesome, you can have a heavy meal and fat binder will remove the fats before they will be digested and be absorbed to your body.

Eliminating up 28% of excessive calories will release you of worry about weight loss: no extreme dieting and no exercise regimen are needed.

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Scientific principles in Fat Binders action have been proven to promote weight loss in clinical trials and studies. See, Proactol most effective Fat Binder Pill clinical studies, listed below:

1. Fat Binding In-Vivo 2004 Study – Fat Binding with Patented Fiber Complex of Opuntia Ficus Indica - Summary of Pilot Clinical Study

2. Syndrome X study 07-2006 – Efficiency of Patented Fiber Complex of Opuntia Ficus Indica on blood lipid parameters, as risk factor for Metabolic Syndrome (Syndrome X)

3.TNO Report 3 American Breakfast– Fat Binding Capacity ofa Patented Fiber Complex of Opuntia Ficus Indica in presence of an American Breakfast - Summary of Report by the TNO Institute (Netherlands).

4.TNO Report Fat Binding Capacity - Fat Binding Capacity of a Patented Fiber Complex of Opuntia Ficus Indica - Summary of Report by the TNO Institute (Netherlands).

5.Vitamin Bale Salt Study - Patented Fiber Complex of Opuntia Ficus Indica and binding of non-specific fat-soluble Vitamins, Bale salts and Acids – Complementary results


Winning Product


Proactol ™ is new, no doctor's prescription, medically backed up and clinically proven  weight loss product . The French developers, BIO-SERAE Laboratories SA,  have published no less than 4 clinical studies about Proactol safety, efficacy and tolerance. See below Results that could be achieved by using of  Proactol™ weight loss pills.

  • Bind over 27% of Dietary Fat Intake
  • Lose Excess Body Weight
  • Reduce Overall Calorie Intake
  • Decrease Appetite
  • Lower Food Cravings
  • Lower Cholesterol Levels

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