Weight watchers diet -- does it work?

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Weight watchers diet review

Are you familiar with Alcoholics Anonymous? Then you probably are familiar with its weight loss version - Weight watchers diet.

weight watchers diet planThe program actually isn't that much a diet as a combination of low fat nutrition, exercising and counseling for those people who can't stick to diet plan or don't have the motivation to lose weight on their own.

The basic idea behind the program the weekly meetings to help the members gather and discuss their dieting experiences and hurdles.

It can surprise you how many people who can't stick to a diet on their own find this kind of peer support reassuring.

Knowing that that other people are going through the same problems as yourself and having someone to talk to who will understand you and support you is great for remotivating the dieter.

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The Weight watchers program is based on the eating plan that is based on point counting. Each food has a certain number of points and you have to restrict your food intake a certain amount of points every single day.

By that you are allowed to eat an exotic foods that usually are not recommended. However the amounts you can eat are very small. The foods that is considered as Healthy food has a lowest amount of points you can eat them in greater quantities.

The weight watchers all in all is a good diet plan as it also comes with good advice on healthy eating and even helps make changes in your long-term lifestyle to keep the extra pounds away.

Another good thing n diet is that they do not try to sell you any kind of special food, packages or secret formula that will cost you an arm and a leg.

But... Chances are that that you run into trouble when trying to determine the number of points for foods that are not listed on the Weight Watchers diet plan.

Even so, to participate in the program you have to pay about $45-60 a month, which can be a little too high. Many cost conscious crowd and those who cannot really afford this kind of expenses, probably will be left out the program.

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Keep in mind that Weight Watchers program has been a good one, but it seems that competition from the weight loss market is beginning to take its toll on it. The latest version of the Weight watchers points system is the same as the one before, but with a lot more marketing and slogans. Also, the company is trying to attract overweight people with the promise that they will lose weight while still they eat the foods they like. This is actually not a good approach for people who have to change their eating habits in order to lose some weight.


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