The South Beach Diet - good or bad?

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The South Beach Diet Review

lady eating a lobsterLadies and gentlemen, Hi from sunny Florida where the the South Beach diet comes from!

This diet is just one of many others in the international weight loss industry.

As with any other diet plan you can find people that just love this diet and they are perfectly willing to swear by the name of M.D. Arthur Agatston while others find it as another hard to stick fad diet with the obligatory induction phase.

The idea behind the diet is restricting carbohydrates and it belongs to the low-carbohydrates diets group that has been derided as a fad diet.

Even though many people say that it is far from being another fad diet, and that it actually is much better and more responsible diet plan than Atkins diet, it still is very restrictive menu.

On the other side, there are not too many diets that are considered as less healthy than Atkins diet.



What are you allowed to eat?

First of all, There are very few foods you are allowed to eat during this diet. And if you don�t like the foods allowed by the menu of this diet then you are literally out of luck.

Why? Because you have no other alternatives!

Well� Let's see what are you allowed to it by this diet.

And here is the list: lean meat, seafood, eggs, low fat dairy products, nuts, vegetables (most of them, anyway), artificial sweeteners and a couple of carbohydrates of the low glycemic variety.



What are you NOT allowed to it?

During the first so-called �shock phase�, you are restricted not to eat most fruits and vegetables, just like the rest of carbs.

It's common that some people find it hard to cope with low energy levels as they experience nausea and fatigue.

Even though we are all different and unique and this might not apply to you at all, if you choose this diet plan you have to be prepared having lower energy levels .



"Lose weight fast"?

Guess what the best part of this diet is?

It�s removing simple carbs like: pasta, sweets and bread from your diet. You have to replace them with healthier complex carbs from wholegrain and veggies.

And the worst part is the marketing jargon that makes it sound like a fad diet...

And another worst part is a tough first phase of the diet... It simply sacrifices the long-term healthy eating approach and is based on the catch-all slogan �lose weight fast�.

So, I have to warn you that such an approach may cause to the dieter lose a lot of water and muscle mass but not that much fat!

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Go to South beach, my friend

In general, the South Beach Diet can be a good diet plan. You just have to clear away the hype and the entire marketing lingo. You have instead to focus on the healthy eating part and put some work in some good food choices.

I want to hope that the information provided here is something that should stay with you through the years, if you are serious and are looking to keep the lost weight from returning.


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