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Shall I give up the pleasures in my life?

Did you know that you have very little if any to do to gain weight?

Actually, if you only eat as you want and as much you like... enjoy every bite of all these snakes that you like... and lay on the couch to watch you favorite TV shows, shortly you will find out that you have added some very hard to lose pounds to your weight.

Eating is certainly one of the true pleasures in the life of live organism and especially for us for human. It's so hard to refrain from food you love to eat... I'm quite sure that nobody likes to have to give up a pleasure, even for many people it is drift farther and farther into fat.  And people do nothing to stop that process...

Even when you start doing something to stop the weight gain and start dieting it seems that your body does not respond to diets as doctors say it should respond.



How does my body responds to diet?

It seems that your body needs some time to adapt to changes that diet bring on. The lean periods that diet bring should allow to burn fat. But your body, that the most complex machine you'll have in our life, cannot discern between actual lean times and diets.

girl eating an appleThe modern life and today's eating habits are another big problem for your body. The fast food that is so widespread, excess of snacks, sodas and soft drinks today are another hurdle that your body have to handle.

The fast food tricks the stomach into calling for more and more food...

One king size burger has more caloric equivalent than an entire meal but it is never enough to fill your stomach, isn't it?

And what about the sodas to wash it down? Even more calories...

The sweetened soft drinks are not just sugared water... This way your body gets way more calories than it needs from big burgers and those soft drinks.

And your sedentary lifestyle, so many hour upfront of pc and TV leads that all those excess calories will not get be burnt... instead they will be stored as fat.

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But even so there is another even bigger threat to your healthy lifestyle - snacks./p>

and did you noticed that the number is raising each and every day?

Although snacks could be very testy they come with too much calories as well. When your hunger strikes and they are available it's hard to ignore the temptation of having one, even eating some fruit can be more wiser in such situation.

If you are going to say: "But that doesn�t taste the same as chips or so�" then let me tell you this: that's true and I don't argue with facts :) but bananas or apples are much healthier choices for your health than chips and similar.



What's next?

Their is one simple truth that you always have to remember: "Habits can easily be kicked just as they easily take root"!

Did you tried to ignore the temptation of eating chips?

if you just try, you can find out that you eventually lose interest in chips and you get used to fruit  :o)

And if you already like fruits why are you so busy by eating chips? Take them out of your diet and you�ll find yourself wondering what was so good about them anyway!


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