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Lose weight by stair climbing exercise


Stair climbing exercise benefits

First let me tell you this - you can Lose weight by doing any kind of physical activity whether in gym or at your own home. You just stop looking for excuses: Parks filled with rowdy kids... Gym is too far from your home or office...

You can always do some physical activities at your home. And one of them is stair climbing exercise.

It's the cheap alternatives to steppers (in fact, they don't cost anything), and the best thing about them is you can do your cardio any time of the day.

You know that athletes have been performing stadium bleacher runs since it improves their cardiovascular stamina and promotes their muscular endurance.

For your part, stair climbing gives nearly the same benefits, but on a scale that's just right for you.

You just keep in mind that when you are doing stair climbing, you have to be careful about the food that you eat and make more efforts than you usually do.

Weight loss and dieting is not all about food deprivation... nor spending money on gym subscriptions. And you can of course do better than just going to the gym or paying for professional advices and supervision.

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Persistence is the key

The best in stair climbing is that it is a very simple exercise and anybody can perform at home at any time. There is no need how to perform this exercise, since its name is pretty much self-explanatory. All you really have to do is free some time for running up and down the stairs between several floors; and the more floors, the better!

Even if you are in pretty good physical condition always start in small. The minimum you should run is up and down 4 floors 2 times.

It seems like not much? If you are first timer and overweight you will unlikely manage more than 2 reps anyway. Don't worry If you cannot do more than 2 reps in the beginning. It is really not a big deal :)

You will build the resistance to effort in time just keep doing 2 reps every other day for 2 weeks.

If after 2 weeks you feel good enough increase the number of reps to either 3 or 4.

Feel that you can take 4 reps up and down 4 flights of the stairs, please do so!

Can't you do it? just stick to 3 reps!

As the time go by, you can add even more reps to the routine... all in order to increase your endurance and to really put the muscles to work and keep having a proper diet.

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This exercise will help you build strong legs and thighs. By carrying your own weight up the stairs instead of flat terrain, you put more stress on the muscles and helps your feet muscles gain more endurance.

However, you have to be careful when climbing stairs!

Running up and down the stairs, makes it very easy to trip or miss a step and splay an ankle or even fall.

IMPORTANT: Be careful enough when doing stars climbing. You can seriously injure yourself if are doing it when you are tired and your muscles are not warmed up.

Keep this in mind and if you are careful and persistent, stair climbing can be a really beneficial exercise for you lose weight and get fit!


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