Is slim fast a good diet for you

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Slim Fast Diet Review

If you want lose weight and are looking for healthy ways to do so then most likely you already know that some popular diets advise you to eat large quantities of vegetables, while others restrict the food you have to eat to a single, for a whole day. Guess what? The slim fast diet is doing that by using the shake.

When there are so many diet plans and each one offers some unique idea for weight loss, it is pretty much difficult to keep track of all of them. For that reason I would rather to discuss the basic features and pros and cons of this diet.

It's up to you to love or hate this diet and there's no question about it. It's interesting enough that some people find that this diet works wonders, while some others say it's nothing but a "rip-off".

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What is it about?

Slim Fast diet

The basic idea behind the diet is replacing 2 daily meals with Slim Fast shakes. Then you have to have 2 pieces of fruit and a nutrition bar and a sensible dinner at the end of the day.

The meaning is that you actually are allowed to eat whatever you want but you have to keep an average portions and not over do it.

Sounds good enough, isn't it? Unfortunately this is only in theory. When it comes into the practice you�ll soon find out that the only nutritious food that you are going to eat will be at dinner except the minerals and vitamins found in Slim Fast shakes.



Got water?

Additionally, aside from the shakes, as many other diet require in order to lose weight you will have to drink between about 2 liters of water, it's about 6 to 8 glasses of water a day.

To speed up your fat burn and weight loss you also have to exercise during this diet regimen. However, there is some difficulty to do as eating only 1,200 calories a day can not support a program of exercises.

Those additional exercises are supposed to help you lose weight faster and spend less time on the diet. There are people complaining of having to buy all those shakes and bars. But if you do the math I think that trading 2 regular meals for 2 shakes tends to balance out the costs.

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Is this a good diet?

The biggest problem with this diet is the lack of motivational support for dieter. People often face the fact that everyone is on his own thing that makes it more difficult to stick the diet.

You may feel like a left alone: just you and a box of shakes. While for some people this actually can be a good experience, thing that helps them build self-reliance and teach them to gain control of their own eating habits, not just during the diet, but also for the rest of their lives, for many others it can be the breakpoint.

As long as I'm concerned about this diet, I find it difficult to follow the diet plan and many people will certainly fail with no outside support and motivation.


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