How to avoid becoming a fitness failure

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What's it about?

man and woman in gymWhat can be actually worse than trying to get your body into shape and then becoming a fitness failure?

It will be no news for you that to start a fitness program and get fit body takes some courage onyour part. And it needs some part of willpower to stick to your program and avoid ditching it a couple of days later.

It's not surprising that more than half of the people taking part in some fitness program whim and drop out within the first 6 months. It's perfectly undersandible that boredom, busy schedules and even a feeling of being fit enough and no longer need the exercising, make people quit the exercises and fitness program.


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Set a goal

First, if you already have decided to join the fitness program, you have to set a realistic goal for yourself in order to avoid being a complete fitness failure. For example, Have you decided to be thinner? then make up your mind on number of pounds you would like to shed. Want to be able to run around the park without spitting your lungs on the sidewalk? good! Then train accordingly.

But please, whatever you do, if you are seriously interested to achive any progress, first set a clear realistic goal. That way you don't have to guess whether you're making a progress or not.

And What I mean a "ralistic goal"?

For example, Let's say you want to drop 1 pound per week and you use the combination of reduced intake of calories and increased physical effort - that could be considered as a realistic goal. But, losing of 50 pounds in 2 months, would be very unrealistic goal.



Keep track of your progress

Have a clear goal in your mind? Make sure you're always keeping track of your progress. This way you will keep being motivated as you will always have the visible proof of your success.

Keep in mind that very careful tracking should be done. For example, do not make the mistake to weight yourself every single day if you are going for weight loss. By doing this, you'll be on your road to fitness failure! You need to be aware of the fact that body weight fluctuates naturally from one day to the other. It depends on many factors and it's much too easy to become discouraged and abandon the program just because 2 extra glasses of water have messed up your weight!



Avoid boredom

Your fitness schedule should be as varied as possible. Since you're not a professional bodybuilder, then sooner or later, you will be bored by your exercises. You have to breack the routine, mix your exercises and even change the order every week or whenever you feel boredom is starting to move in.

By all means avoid getting to the point where you say something like: "Damn that exercise! I'm not going to do it again as long as I live!" In this point a gym trainer can help you. He/she will be glad to help you and show you some pointers and even come up with a good fitness plan that fit your needs.

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The final word of advice from us - Share the joys and problems of fitness exercises with other people. Also, finding a workout partner, friend who also goes to the gym and go together with him or her can be not a bad idea. You always will be able to help each other achieve your goals and share success stories or problems in between reps. if you are working with your workout partner it will make things look easier, enrich you with a positive attitude and you can do the same thing for him or her.

By the way, coming up with any excuses for avoiding gym will not bring you any good! Those cheap tricks can only turn you into fitness failure!


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