How regular exercise can protect your health in middle age

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Why should you exercise?

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How many times have you heard that if you take a good care of your body you will enjoy improved health later on in life?

The thrith is that when you are young and having perfect health, you have nothing to worry... you're almost at no risk of developnig of serious health condition.

However, it become more complicated when you past your 30's and 40's and your body tends to be more fragile and is starting to be more sensitive to the lifestyle you live. The meaning is The sooner you start to take good care of your body, the better your health will be.

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The study

The National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute is continueosly studiying the importance of physical activities and exercise on your health condition. In one of the many studies they stated that performing of cardiorespiratory exercises in the early adulthood would reduce the risk of developing high blood pressure and diabetes in the middle age.

It's time to outline that both of these conditions actualy are the major reasons to strokes or heart attacks in the old age. Moreover, if you are practicing regular exercise sessions, it will also keep you slimmer and signinficantly lower the risk of developing the classic spare tire around your bely that nobody likes. And I'm not talking yet about developing of high blood pressure, increase of cholesterol levels in your blood and high levels of triglycerides, conditions that each of them detoriorate your health.



Exercise today...

Are you young and healthy now? Well then... it doesn't mean that if you are young and healthy now, you shouldn't be exercising at all. Woudn't you ratjher to put a little effort into improving your health now than dealing the serious consequences of a sedentary lifestyle later in your life?

I know how good it is having of all sorts of good things that you eat, but are you aware that it's like a Boomerang? that after a certain age all those burgers and snacks will come back to you as high blood pressure or even worse as a heart disease?

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... it will be beneficial!

It's sad fact but once you are past your 30th birthday your life is changing... you will no longer could afford yourself snaking and watching TV the same way as you do now... It will lead to more fat on yor body, diabetes, hypertension and other unpleasant illnesses, to more frequent trips to the doctor and taking of many pills.

30s and 40s might seem so far away for you when you are a young man, but unfortunately time flies faster than you think... and one day you discover that suddenly you are no longer young. But even so, don't worry! If you put some effort into little exercising every day you can still be healthy and feel as young as you did before.


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