Living a Healthy Lifestyle

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How I leave a Healthy Lifestyle?

Healthy Lifestyle

At some period of time we have to think about our bodies. Sometimes we push this thought aside and do not think about it. This is not always easy. I never liked my appearance. But the problem was not to identify my body although, I had some responsibilities.

It happens that sometimes things go wrong. We are living in a fast paced world and the last thing that we could afford is there something to happen with our bodies.

Things may happen to our cars, to our belongings... but not to our bodies.

At some age You start to realize that your body is important.

This happens later in life than most people think. I never been an active type of person. I used to go hiking but never really to the gym. There are some things that never change.

This could be because of age or just because all the people around me were fat.

Probably it was a combination of all these things that made me start thinking about diet and health. When a person is young one could eat fast food, three meals per day and not feel that he is something wrong. But when we age, we, You and I,  start feel it more.

When you loose your diet you also loose your body. You loose your sleeping habits, your hair does not look good, and your skin also looks like leather.

Many times I've wondered why some people's skin looks so terrible and now I got the answer.

There is something that has to be done.

You are starting to feel out of condition and still you do not know how to change the things.

You have to realize that you can actually make a change... You have to know that this is not impossible.

If you are married or are in a long term relationship, then it will be much easier for you. The lady would like to see you as you looked when you were younger and she definitely will like to look better as she used to be like when she was young.

And that will make it easier for both of you - yes, if both of you do it. Then you will not be tempting each other with food.

There should be some point where to start from, right?

The first thing is to go to your doctor for a physical. You should have some blood taken and see the results. If you have not done this before, it is a good thing to do. He will check your cholesterol and the likes. In case you have a health condition you have to talk about your diet and the exercise plans with him before doing anything else. If you have diabetes you have to start with a new diet.

You have to choose what kind of diet you have to go on. It is preferable to focus on a diet that is high in vegetables and fruits. You have to diminish the meat and the carbs and you have to stick to as many fresh items as possible. This will definitely help you loose weight. You have to start making some exercises. It is preferable to start with walking and jogging. You can go together along with your old lady. You may also get a dog and they love to go on walks. This will be a motivation for you to make your walks.

After getting used to waling you may go to the gym. It is better if you can afford a personal trainer. If not, it is preferable to start with swimming and making an exercise bikes. You could also start with the treadmill. You should not stop making your walks. This is a good exercise and quality time with your old lady. You will enjoy the talks that you have during your walks. If you are over forty, it is not sure how you will do weight-lifting. Your body will need some time to get used to lifting weights. But at the beginning you will feel tired.

I do not like weight lifting. It is boring to stand, sit and lift things for hours.

The main thing that has to be done is to change your diet, get more exercises and listen to your doctor of course.

If he tells you to do what you are doing then it continues. In case he gives you any warnings, you have to listen to him.

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