Fat Burning Capacity: Men vs. Women

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Why Men Burn Fat Faster than Women?

Fat Burning Capacity: Men vs. Women

There are many ways in which men differ to women. There are some psychological factors for that and they prove how bodies of men and women function differently under similar circumstances.

Both men and women have the testosterone and estrogen hormones but they react differently in the body of male and female.

One of the functions of these hormones is to alter the balance of muscle and fat and to regulate the size of our bones.

For women, estrogen is connected with the growth and development of the female sex organs, as well as the body hair in the armpit and public regions and the shape of the body contour.

For men, testosterone determines the bone mass, causes the growth and development of the male sex organs and the body hair in the public and armpit regions, and also develops the voice. Testosterone is used for determination of the muscle mass, and because men have higher levels of testosterone than women, they also have more muscle mass.

Studies show that men with more muscle mass burn calories faster than people with less muscles. To visualize this process imagine that there are two vehicles, one with 4-cylinder engine and one with 8-cylinder engine.

The vehicles engines are our muscles and the fuel is the gas tank and the calories that we need. The two engines start with tank full of fuel and travel 100 miles at 65 miles per hour.

At the end of the trip, the vehicle with the 4 cylinder has used an eight of a tank fuel and the other one has used a quarter of a tank. The larger engine consumes more fuel than the smaller one.

The same way muscles with more mass will burn more calories than muscles with less mass. Because of that muscle mass is the basic difference between men and women in the process of fat-burning and weight loss.

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