Fat Blockers

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What are Fat Blockers

The chemicals called Fat Blockers act on water-soluble substrates means intestinal lipases.  For this reason intestinal lipases must be able to adsorb to a lipid-water interface. The activity of lipases is greatly augmented when fat is emulsified or in a micellar form.

There are three important intestinal lipases:

  • Gastric lipase

  • Pancreatic lipase

  • Carboxyl ester lipase


Gastric lipase

Gastric lipase begins the process of fat digestion by forming fatty acids and Diglycerides from dietary triglycerides. These fatty acids in turn help activate pancreatic lipase. The bulk of triglyceride digestion is accomplished by pancreatic lipase. In the presence of fatty acids, bile salts and Colipase, pancreatic lipase undergoes a dramatic conformational change to expose the active site and allow it to digest triglycerides.



Pancreatic lipase

Colipase serves to anchor pancreatic lipase to substrate and also to stabilize the lid domain. Colipase is secreted by the pancreas as Procolipase (an inactive Zymogen form) and is activated by Trypsin which splits off a Pentapeptide from the N-terminus.



Carboxyl ester lipase

Carboxyl ester lipase hydrolyzes vitamin esters and is therefore important in vitamin absorption.



How Fat Blockers work?

Fat Blocker drug content inhibits all three intestinal lipases. It binds covalently to serine-152 in the active site and effectively prevents access of lipase to other dietary triglycerides. Passage of Fat Blocker across the intestinal Epithelium is exceedingly minimal and does not appear to have an effect on lipases other than those in the intestinal tract.

Since Fat Blockers are considered as powerful weight loss drugs, they are available only by doctors prescription and are characterized with many unwanted side effects. Side effects associated with Fat Blocker intake are mainly due to unabsorbed fat passing through the digestive tract and prevents absorption of some essential fat-soluble vitamins too - beta carotene and vitamins A, D, E and K.

To compensate, you have to take a beta-carotene and a multivitamin with vitamins A, E, D and K once a day, at least 2 hours before or 2 hours after taking Fat Blocker drug. These side effects are considerably reduced after one year.

There are many supplements on the open market which are known as Fat Blockers.

Each of those supplements have it's benefits and drawbacks. They are widely utilized in order to block Fat Absorption into your body but according to the results of our research  we have to warn you about their safety and side effects that the supplementation can cause.

Among Fat Blockers available on the market we will review Chitosan and Alli ( XENICAL and ORLISTAT OTC form).

<< Chitosan

Alli >>
( OTC form of Xenical and Orlistat)

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