Fast Food Choices

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Why I eat the Fast Food?

Fast Food Choices

No matter if it is tacos or burgers we all love it.

Fast food is a way of life for many people. Some people cannot differentiate between Big Mac and a steak. When I was a kid, I did not eat any fast food because I was too poor for that.

But it turned out to be a blessing.

Everybody loves a bucket of fried chicken but there are much more things to eat than fast food. People are too much dependant on fast food no matter whether meals are fast food or in a frozen box.

There is no need for it, but many people love it.

To be honest I'm eating fast food too. I'm for reasonable amount of time away from the house and it is not always easy to eat good meal. Most people live a fast-pace life-style. That is why we do not have time to prepare good meal every day.

Here are some things that you could get from the fast food that turn out to be surprisingly healthy.

Of course, they are not better than a meal that you could cook on your own. If you want to have burgers then skip the mayo and the cheese. This will save you calories. If the sandwich tastes too dry for you without the mayo, then try the mustard and the ketchup.


The cheese that is used in the hamburgers is full of oil and other unhealthy ingredients. Of course cheese is made of milk, but not all of it is milk. Some cheese is made of cooking oil. The one that is made from oil has a different look. It is orange and oily. You also should not use bacon. And it is not cooked but is only heated. You will be happy if you save some calories.

Fast Food ChoicesOne good option is not to have sandwiches that are deep fried. These are the ones with deep fry fish or chicken in them. The fat from the fry is no good for your health.

And it is preferable to use chicken because it is low fat. Avoid sandwiches with mayo and deep fry.

Another good thing is to substitute the French fries with a side salad. Because fast food is famous for its fries you could afford them from time to time. But in case you eat fast food regularly, you have to avoid them.

There are some meatless burgers and this may be because many people do not eat meat. It could be some burger near the college because most college kids are animal friendly. This is until they get older and realize that meat is much tastier to tofu.

But in case there are meatless burgers at your local fast food joint you have to try them. Sometimes they have less fat. But because it is meatless you do not have to add mayo. It is preferable to choose chicken no matter that in most places there is turkey also.

One of the great features of Subway is that it has fat content and calories open for everybody to see.

There are also all kinds of veggie and you will not miss cheese and mayo. One way to keep the calories low is by drinking water or low fat soda. It is good to squirt some lemon in the water. It will have a crisp taste that you will love and will help keeping your mind away from the sodas.

** This is an easy guide to fast food.

IMPORTANT: And the next time when you go to a hamburger joint you have to keep this article in mind.

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