Eat Smart not Less

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How I Can Eat Less but Eat Smarter?

Eat Smart Not Less

When people find out that they have gained weight they consider that they have to start consuming less. This seems to works because overeating is probably what caused weight gaining mainly.

But you have to remember that only eating less food is not helpful when you want to loose weight.

Some people consider portion control to be effective but it is part of the most effective method of weight loss and this is eating smarter.

Part of the decreasing volume food does not work effectively because human body has evolved through times of minimal food supply.

Our bodies are used to deal with food storage with fat storage, decrease energy production, and other biological responses to decrease the food intake.

Food gives us the energy to function each day and as long as we do not have enough energy, we could not function properly during the day.



How I can Avoid "GIGO"?

Diet and smart eating are two of the most essential means for weigh loss and food control. Eating smarter and having portion control could lead to consumption of less food if the previously consumed quality is exceeded.

The thing to learn to consume regular amount of food daily will have a positive result on weight loss and weight management efforts.

An acronym to describe eating habits is "GIGO" - garbage in, garbage out. Our bodies will perform on what we give them for fuel.

Without a proper nutrition that gives up energy and stamina, we could not achieve the next important step in eight loss and weight management and this is to become active and to make exercises.

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