Does the cabbage soup diet really work?

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The Cabbage Soup Diet review

That's it... the famous Cabbage Soup diet. When so many people are interested in dieting, you certainly heard of this one.

There are several version of this diet and people have actually tried some of it. This diet has no inventor, there is no definition what cabbage soup diet is.

Every one who promote this diet is either adding or replacing an existing features. The meaning is that aside from that cabbage soup you can expect to see in this diet a wide range of other foods

cabbage soup diet planThe foods in the diet are nothing spectacular and the early version cabbage soup diet featured nothing else than the basic soup.

In the recent versions of this diet they have added various fruit, vegetables, skimmed milk, lean meat or brown rice... all this to balance diet and the eating plan, and to help people stick to it for a longer time.

During restrictive diet regimen the dieters are not allowed any alcohol and the only drinks allowed beside the cabbage soup are water and unsweetened fruit juices.

The soup itself is based on cabbage, onions (or onion soup mix), tomatoes, green peppers, celery, carrots and mushrooms. Although, you can find some variations of the soup on the Net there is nothing spectacular in there also.

The hype that surrounds the diet is the biggest problem with the cabbage soup diet. For some unclear reason some people claim that cabbage helps to burn fat. This is nonsense as no cabbage nor other food available does not have a fat burning properties. Some people say that you can shed a whooping 10 pounds in a single week on this diet...

Would you believe it?

As we said there's no "magical ingredient" in cabbage soup that can help weight loss. You have to starve yourself by drinking a lot of cabbage soup and some water on the side - This is the whole idea behind this diet.

The trick is to keep your stomach filled with cabbage soup in order to keep hunger away while the body burns fat to maintain itself.

Unfortunately, the cabbage soup diet is not a good idea as many people cannot stick to a diet that forces them to starve themselves every day. It's more difficult especially when you have to go work.

Another crucial issue with this diet is the fact that most of the weight you lose comes from water and muscle mass, instead of fat. Seven Days later, when the diet is over the dieter still has all the initial fat on and a chances are that lost muscle mass was replaced with even more fat.

Furthermore, since you are on low calorie intake this will force your body to enter starvation mode. Then body hang on to the existing fat for its survival. And if you are looking for healthy and long lasting weight loss then this is definitely not a good way to lose weight.


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