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The Abs Diet review

Are you going through diet after diet and feel that there is nothing more to learn about dieting?

It's only natural to think so when you bog hands-on experience with just about all popular dieting concepts... when you learn in which way each of these diets is supposed to influence your body

And once you get familiar with various diets, with all the positive and negative about them, you will most likely think that there is nothing else to learn and there is nothing that can surprise you.

Well you want to be surprised? then it's the right time to present you the Abs Diet... a strange take on the old concept of losing weight through exercises!



What is The Abs Diet about?

So, what is the abs diet is about anyway? To make long to short: the concept claims that in order to keep your muscles and internal organs alive and in good shape, your body has to expend energy.

The simple meaning is that when you grow your muscle mass it will force your body to spend more and more energy as muscle spend much more energy than fat.

Isn't it great? Put the whole focus on increasing your energy bill above the normal levels and you are going to burn more fat and lose more weight.

According to this theory the extra muscle mass is going to absorb all the excessive calories that otherwise would be be stored as fat deposits on your body. Even better, your body is forced to burn existing fat in order to keep up with the effort.

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How much weight will you lose?

The simple math shows that every one pound of muscle added to your body will spend additional 50 calories a day. Now do the math how much will spend 10 additional pounds of muscle... 10 times more and that's whopping of 500 calories intake for every single day.

According to this it will make you to lose 1 pound a week. And that's not bad at all!

With this diet you are supposed to achieve the snowball effect: the more you exercise, the more muscle you put on; the more muscle you put on, the faster you lose weight, which allows you to exercise harder and lose even more weight!



What are you allowed to eat?

The diet menu allows you to eat a group of 12 nutrient-rich power foods.

The foods in diet menu are supposed to supply to your body all the important minerals, vitamins and fiber that your body needs to stay healthy over the 6 weeks of dieting period. These 12 foods are:

  • beans and peas

  • spinach and a couple of other green vegetables

  • female eating cerealalmonds

  • instant hot oat cereal

  • wholegrain breads and cereals

  • berries

  • eggs

  • low-fat dairy products

  • lean meats (like turkey)

  • peanut butter

  • olive oil

  • protein powder

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What can you expect from the Abs diet?

IMPORTANT: since this diet lasts as long as 6 weeks, it could be little bit difficult to stick to this diet!

Although it seem to be not easy at all the mandatory exercises will make a huge difference for you and your appearance.

Additionally to excessive pounds that you are going to lose, you will also gain a nice set of abs to show off and get a much better toned body than ever before!

You will see how during the diet, part of your fat will be replaced by muscle. So don't panic if you don't see the decrease in your weight... you are not losing much weight but you actually are shifting weight from fat to muscle.

You can expect to get rid of up to 12 pounds in the first 2 weeks of dieting with the Abs Diet!


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