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Proactol Clinically Proven weight loss Pill produced by French manufacturer BIO SERAE Laboratories SA  is 100% "green" and all natural,revolutionary diet pill which is our first recommendation to all obesity suffers. Developers, to assure safety, invested time and efforts to make a most comprehensive research and human trials before it was released to market. Results of all trials and research clearly show efficacy and safety of Proactol diet pills. There were 4 reports published of pre-clinical researches regarding to Proactol and it was licensed under (MDD 93/42/EEC) and as "Medical device" product.


Tolerance: star-f

  • Bind over 27% of Dietary Fat Intake

  • Lose Excess Body Weight

  • Reduce Overall Calorie Intake

  • Decrease Appetite

  • Lower Food Cravings

  • Lower Cholesterol Levels


    Proactol is  100% "green" and 100% safe non-prescription weight loss product.

    Read here the enthusiastic testimonials of  Proactol™ website customers that say it all about effiectivity and safety of the product and sell it alone.

    Read clinical Studies and Researches on Proactol™ to confirm it's safety and effectivity:

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    Although, Proactol™  is non prescription weight loss product, it is medically backed up by famous nutrition and diet experts.

    • One of them is a world famous fitness and nutrition expert Dr. Adam Carey . He has been the resident nutritionist, co-presenter for all three series of 'Celebrity Fit Club' and the co-presenter for Sky Ones program 'Change the Day you Die', Director of Nutrition for the England Rugby Football Union and Nutrition Director for 'Focus on Food' . With 19 years experience in the NHS, specializing in reproductive endocrinology and nutrition, he successfully advises many groups of elite athletes and celebrities, including Premiership football teams and the England Cricket Board.

    • Proactol fat binder is recommended by Dr. Joerg Gruenwald which is a widely known and well respected figure within the medical research field. He is  a speaker at over 150 worldwide scientific presentations and he has also been featured on 90 TV and 50 radio shows and is the author of well over 150 publications.

    • Proactol main ingredient NeOpuntia® is safe 100% "green", allergy free, made from dehydrated leaves of cactus called Opuntia ficus-indica. It's a known fact that Latin-American people traditionally eat the fruit and the leaves of this type of cactus because  of their unique nutritional properties.

    • Proactol is all natural and all organic, based on a patented fiber complex of NeOpuntia® . It binds with dietary fats and forms a fluid gel around the fat. Resulted fats complex is too large to be absorbed by digestive system and it passes naturally through human body.The ingredient was approved by the Vegetarian Society of the U.K. , certified by ECOcert SAS (Ecocert France 32600) - a French Organization of Control and Certified as Kosher and Organic product.

    • Proactol fat binder main ingredient NeOpuntia® is a complex of insoluble and soluble dietary fibers.Both of them work in different ways to create complex with fat from food and convert it to non digestible form. Thus Proactol binds and prevents, after each meal, absorbtion of 27% of the dietary fats and that means eliminating over 27% of your dietary fat intake - it's about 200-350 calories with each meal.


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    Treatment with  Proactol™ have some significant benefits. One of them is suppressed appetite and decrease of food cravings. Treatment by taking Proactol fat binder has proven as long-term, safe and effective in Reducing of  Blood Cholesterol,reducing the blood pressure and Helps Decrease Your Appetite.

    Since was released to market many people have been treated by Proactol fit binder pills. Their Testimonials just confirm all medical and clinical claims about superior quality and effectiveness of Proactol. Proactol became most reliable and safe weight management and "medical device" product available on the open market.


    According to all the info we gathered about weight loss products avalable on the market, we found Proactol as safest, most effective and medically backed product.

    Proactol fat binder  is our first recommendation to all obesity suffers, interested in safe and fast, long term weight loss.

    Additionally to all above Proactol is backed up with Iron Clad 100% Money Back Guarantee, in case of you are not Fully satisfied with results. By that you can Try Proactol without any risk of you money at all.

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