Breakfast ideas for your weight loss program

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Importance of Breakfast for your weight loss program

Did you heard already that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I bet you did... since when you were a kid, did you? Well, it's true.

Can you really understand why so many people tend to skip breakfast nowadays? I can't... On the second thought, it explains why they are so uptight and nervous in the morning...

Are you serious about losing weight? Then you should know that you have to stick to your diet plan and never skip the breakfast. And even then you should know about the foods to avoid and the right foods you should eat for breakfast.

Whether you like it or not, there is an absolutely must in your diet regimen that you have to have your breakfast in the morning. Period.

Even you have an extremely busy lifestyle and so forth, having the breakfast in the morning is a must!

It's one of those meals that you must eat, ok? And I truly don't think you can do much to change it.

It's interesting that some people who do eat breakfast, tend run out of the house with a donut in their one hand and cup of coffee in the other. Tell me is it that a good idea? I certainly don't think so.



Why are you still sleepy?

Did you noticed how many people are drinking the sugary breakfast foods? The interesting question is why? My guess is that people drink coffee because they just need the rush of energy to wake them up... otherwise they are sleepy.

Or perhaps they just think that by having food full of sugar they can avoid eating a descent meal.  It's obvious that they feel more energetic after eating a bunch of the sugar.

Did you know that foods you eat at breakfast keep you awake at work and even get less tired during the working day. Do you know why is this happening? It's all because of foods you eat at your breakfast.  Yes, because you aren't getting the right foods for breakfast!

Seems like you still don't realize how important this meal is. Having a good meal every day is must, just like we said above.

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So, did you know that there are good foods that you have to eat at breakfast and the others that you have to avoid during our weightloss program? Take a look at breakfast ideas as weight loss tips, because they are closely related to losing weight.



Foods avoid at breakfast

First, let's start off with what you SHOULD NOT eat:

  • Don't eat donuts. They are full of sugars that you certainly do not want to eat.

  • Don't load up on coffee in the morning. Although cup of coffee can give you energy, it still can't replace food in your breakfast. You can't drink it instead of eating. That's just wrong.

  • Don't eat any cereals loaded with sugar. Once again sugar is big No No in your diet and it is just empty calories, nothing valuable. Not only that, but when you it sugar you actually gain weight! If you feel sluggish before lunch this is because you are eating too much sugar.

  • Don't eat pasties that come in the box. Once again too much sugar... yep these are loaded with sugar, too! Not only they don't offer you anything that's good for you, they just rob you of all the things that you should be eating.

  • Don't eat a lot of fried foods. It's better without them or less you can: try to not eat lot of bacon, fried eggs, and some French toast. The are loaded with fat and it certainly will weigh you down.



Foods to have with breakfast

Now, let's see what you SHOULD be eating (and enjoying it, too):

  • Eat cereals that are low in sugar. Eat cereal with milk as they  are great for breakfast. Remember - with low or no sugar at all it really is a good all around meal. 

  • Eat eggs, they are good for breakfast. Yes, you can eat eggs  but eat them in moderation, of course.

  • Try a new egg sandwich. You love the egg sandwiches at fast food restaurants? Then why don't you make one at home? With a slice of cheese or ham on yours it can be great meal... You just be creative... and use your imagination. It can be even fun to make it.

  • Eat pancakes. Yes, they are great from time to time. Get yourself one of those griddles that you don't need to add fat too and instead of using butter and syrup put fresh fruit to cut down on calories. Try it, I know you'll just love eating them with fresh fruit on top of them... those are delicious.

  • Eat old-fashioned toast. Toast is still a great thing to eat as long as you don't load it up with too much butter or another fatty foods.

  • Eat oatmeal. Ok, If you hated oatmeal when you were a kid you have to know that it is some great stuff and very healthy, too. By adding some milk and a bit of sugar you will have a breakfast that will stick to your ribs!

  • Drink juice when you have breakfast! There is no need to drink coffee in the morning; instead if you need an energy drink some fresh juice.

  • Did you know that fruit salads can be great for breakfast? They are great as they taste refreshing and they don't take all day long to make. If you throw a few of your favorite fruits together and call it a meal you are good to go! Simple as that. Isn't it cool? Enjoy it, and make sure you show your friends this wonderful meal.

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Final words of advice

My final words of advice: Remember - stay away from the drive through window...

Don't eat those pasties in a box as they are nothing but junk food. Stay away of junk food and instead use your imagination to make yourself fresh food at home where you have full control of your food calorie intake.

I hope now you realize why you should not skip breakfast and why make a good breakfast  is not as hard as you might think it is.


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