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Best Fat Binder Proactol review

Best Fat Binder, Proactol, is the most exciting news for all obesity suffers and overweight people, or simply said for everyone who is addictively trying a different diet pills or diet programs to lose an excessive weight.

At last, this revolutionary product promises to help lose weight and keeps a promise to keep pounds away from coming back for the long term.

According the research results and the enthusiastic testimonials we get, this fat binder apparently is what the developers claim to be and really is the best in helping to shed off excessive pounds and is adding same value to confidence to obesity suffers.

The new fat binder and certainly best weight loss product available on the market today that we are talking about is Proactol™  that was developed and manufactured in France by BIO SERAE Laboratories SA  under International Patent Number PCT / FR 02 / 01254.

Since it's first appearance on the market, Proactol became to the most credible non prescription weight loss pill. There are many weight loss pills and medications on the market but only  Proactol is medically backed up and clinically proven as an obesity treatment and medical device product - (MDD 93/42/EEC).



Why is Proactol the Best Fat binder?

NeOpuntia®, is the active ingredient of Proactol™ which was researched since 1996 by the developers BIO SERAE Laboratories SA .

As Bio Serae claim, NeOpuntia® ingredient is 100% "green", allergy free (individuals with allergy sensitivities may benefit it very much) and has no known side effects, the fact that makes it to 100% safe to your health.

It is derived from dehydrated leaves of cactus called Opuntia Ficus-indica. It's known for centuries that the fruit and the leaves of the plant are traditionally eaten by Latin-American people because of their unique nutritional qualities.

The comprehensive research made on NeOpuntia and on Proactol itself easily turned it to be approved by UK Vegetarian association, and to get a Kosher and "Organic" Approval.

The product preparation process is thoroughly controlled to guarantee effective Lipophilic (fat attracting) action for each batch produced. Moreover, this fat binder is based on Scientific background, in vitro and pilot in vivo study.

4 pre-clinical studies and some additional smaller studies turned Proactol to be the first product on the market approved by the new strict MHRA guidelines.




Proactol Packaging

Proactol is distributed in bottles containing 90 tablets of 750mg each. Beside of patented Opuntia ficus-indica fiber complex each tablet contain some additional ingredients like: microcrystalline cellulose, calcium hydrogen phosphate dihydrate, silica, povidone and magnesium sulfate. 

Tablets are Ephedra and Caffeine free, no preservatives or harmful colorizers were added, no Organic solvents were used in extraction process of NeOpuntia®, that actually makes this weight loss supplement free of hazardous residues and free of presence of dangerous to your health heavy metals.

That means that you can take Proactol™ with 100% confidence, knowing that it is safe and clinically approved product


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Why is Proactol so effective?

NeOpuntia®, the main ingredient of best fat binder Proactol, is a complex of insoluble and soluble dietary fibers that work in different ways to create hard to digest complex when it's attracted to dietary fats presenting in the food.


1st Step - Non-soluble fiber interacts with fat

2nd Step - Primary interactions are stabilized by Solublefibers.


Proactol in contact with dietary fats, bind with them immediately and form a fluid gel of hard to digest polysaccharides around the fat. The resulted complex (with unabsorbed fats) that is too large to be absorbed by human body is naturally eliminated through the gastric system.

This way Proactol the best fat binder prevents absorption of more than 27% of the dietary fats intake to our body which is about 150-250 calories with each meal. The number is very impressive, especially when we are talking of getting rid of about 450-750 calories each day and without starving or any physical effort.


Proactol™ Binds Up To 28% of Dietary Fat Intake

Reduces Calorie Intake

Helps reduce excess Body Weight


And how you can know that Proactol Fat binder will do the work? Check yourself with how much fat can the main ingredient of Proactol NeOpuntia® interact...

According to Bio-Serae benchtop standardization method of Lipophilic action 1gr NeOpuntia® can bind with :


  • 19 +/- 3 g Mayonnaise

  • 11 +/- 2 g Butter

  • 9 +/- 2 g Olive oil

  • The numbers are quit impressive but even Bio-Serae admit that results of this lipophilic action cannot be considered in any case as a magic tool for weight loss.

    To get most effective weight loss it's recommended to combine Proactol diet programme, alongside with healthy diet and regular sports activities.


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    What are the benefits of the treatment with Proactol?

    The treatment with Proactol have isn't just suppressed appetite and significant decrease in food cravings!

    No, No and once again, NO...

    It's much more than that. You don't believe me? See for yourself.

    Impressive weight loss rate that you will achieve, significantly improve your overall wellbeing, your self-confidence and mood, your social life, in some cases your fertility and even your sex life. Read the full benefits list of can expect by using Proactol:


    Eliminates up to 28% of your dietary fat intake

    Slows digestion and you feel full longer

    Reduces Food Cravings

    Lowers & normalizes Blood Blood pressure

    Effectively Lowers cholesterol in your blood

    Decreases your appetite

    Improves your sleep and you'll wake up easily, fresh and rested in the morning

    Your self confidence will dramatically increase

    Helps effectively maintain your weight for long term

    You'll feel lighter, don't get tired, so you can function normally for longer

    You have energy for all your daily activities

    Your social life will significantly improve

    You will be more attractive for the opposite sex

    Suddenly you' discover that you have much more friends

    Your go outs become much fun and enjoyable

    Your popularity will raise and will get invited to parties

    You will have a courage to initiate conversation with the opposite sex

    You'll find out that the life is smiling to you when you are not overweight

    Your chances to succeed will dramatically increase

    If you are still single, chances to find a partner will dramatically increase

    In case you are overweight and have a fertility problems they go away when you lose excessive pounds

    Your sex life will improve - better sleep, lower cholesterol and lower blood pressure improve blood circulation in your body

    And at last... You will start love a new you, you'll feel satisfied that you achieved your weight loss goal and finally you are in the position that you have full control on your life


    Isn't that great? You can shed of unwanted pounds and enjoy much better lifestyle and start truly enjoying your life. Can say no to all that? I bet you can't! Because nobody can say no to all!


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    And if you still feel that it is not enough and you need more than what you'll say if in addition to all the benefits when you order Proactol you get another valuable bonus:


    With purchase a 4 month supply of Proactol™ or higher , you'll get free access to all support and guidance resources of health and fitness program - a Free One Year Membership which is over 190.00 USD value. This program is most comprehensive program on the market and subscription to it is valued to 15.95 USD per month.

    Home-WeightLoss health and fitness program gives you following services:


  • Personalized Daily Meal Planner

  • Personal Trainer and Taining

  • Weight Loss Weekly Tracker

  • Health and Nutrition Experts

  • Forum

  • So as you can clearly see when you order Proactol you order not only Proactol™ pills, you order whole, comprehensive and medically based and tested, proven Proactol™ weight loss system.

    Combination of Proactol pills and health and fitness program makes it to the Most reliable and weight loss guaranteed system, which promises long term weight loss and keeps a promise.

    Weight Loss Guaranteed


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    Fair and Honest Money Back Guarantee is so committed to improving the lives of our customers that if you use the full system for 120 days and you don't lose weight, then they will give you a full refund.

    100% Money Back Guarantee

    That is one of the most comprehensive refund guarantees in the industry, but after studies on our previous customers and from the success stories that we receive every day, we know that they can offer to their customers such amazing refund policy because they are so confident that it is going to work for you.


    Can You Think Of A Better Offer Than That?


    What you have to lose? If this weight loss system does not work for you then you are safe in the knowledge that you will get a full refund of your money.



    Clinical Studies on Proactol™:

    ( To download PDF files Right Click - Save As)


    The enthusiastic testimonials of Proactol™ website customers say it all and sell the product alone.

    The only negative we found about Proactol™ is that it's available now only on its official website online.


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