Proactol™ vs. Phentermine comparison - which can offer you the best weight loss results?

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Are you fed up with looking for a natural solution to weight loss? Well then... you can stop and look no further.

We have conducted our own research to found out the best weight loss product among the many available on the market. And... we are glad to announce that we have found the perfect product for you: Proactol™.

If you are looking for weight loss product for some time now, then you most likely are well aware of the increasing number of so called "weight loss" products entering onto the market each and every day. The bad news are that many of them are no medically backed and sometimes don't offer a money back guarantee. In order to ascertain and bring you the most reliable information, we have tried, tested and compared all the leading weight loss products to determine which are the real deals.

And we think we have found them: Proactol™ and Phentermine.



What is Proactol™?

proactolProactol™ is natural fat binder proven to:

  • Bind up to 28% of your dietary fat intake

  • Suppress your appetite

  • Lower your blood cholesterol levels

  • Decrease food cravings

  • Reduce your calorie intake by 150 calories per meal

*Impressed by what you have read so far?

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What is Phentermine?

Phentermine is clinically proven product that suppress your appetite by tricking your body into believing that it is full.  It is blocks the hunger signals from your body to arrive to your brain.

phentermineWant to know the results of the weight loss rate achieved with both of them? Frankly, we have to admit we were impressed. According to our visitors testimonials after just 4 weeks of taking of Phentermine, they have lost between 4-6 lbs and that means a steady 1-2lbs weight loss rate per week (0.5kg - 1 kg).

Unfortunately, this is where the similarities between Proactol and Phentermine ended.

After taking a look closer at the Phentermine diet pill, we were shocked to discover the profound differences between the two.

The down side of Phentermine - too many side effects!

If we are honest, we were shocked with the astounding number of negative side effects from Phentermine:

increased heart rate




plus its recognition as a 'controlled substance

With all above it's an amazing fact that Phentermine is still being sold at all.

After small research we have discovered that only in 1997 for example, 24 cases of heart valve disease were reported in Phentermine users*. And on the top of all, 30% of Phentermine prescribers were found to have abnormal valves.

*for more information on this trial visit



Side by Side Comparison


Product comparison
Product name Proactol Phentermine



(Restricted by FSA to 12 weeks only)

Clinical Testing:

(5 successful trials since 1997)

(last clinical trial in 1992)


Medical Backing: Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC Banned from use in many countries
Side Effects: None

Increased heart rate, insomnia, headaches, diarrhea...


We prefer Proactol™ - no side effects

When we compare Proactol vs. Phentermine from the quality of the supplement down to its affordability, we find that Proactol™ is by far the more superior weight loss product.

Especially when you compare Phentermine’s side effects to Proactol's many other natural health benefits: lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure, reduced calorie intake, feeling energetic and increased well being.

Can you put these two products side by side and claim that Proactol? is not truly a breath of fresh air? I bet you can't!

And as an addition to all said above, candidates can benefit from Proactol longevity as well. Phentermine tablets are restricted by FSA and they can only be taken for 12 weeks when Proactol™ customers can use it for as long as they need. Moreover, there is no shelf life or time restriction to how long Proactol can be used for and that's probable a great news for anyone who struggles to shed pounds of and keep the weight off.

Just to be fair we have to mention that Phentermine tablets have some benefits either. In spite of all above, consumers still can confidently take the Phentermine diet pill knowing that although it will suppress their appetite, they will not be starving themselves.

And how Phentermine can help? It actually acts you to reduce appetite, which in turn enables you to eat smaller portions and snack less.



Too many flaws - Phentermine

Despite the benefits of Phentermine, we certainly cannot ignore its flaws. It comes with too many side effects, and can in fact cause to future health complications in users like:


heart disease

high blood pressure

Unfortunately, the risks of this product far outweigh its benefits.



Our #1 Recommendation is Proactol

Since you are here and most likely you are looking for a genuine solution to natural weight loss, we recommend you Proactol™.

The unique and versatile qualities of the product that costumers can benefit from, are more than just an easy weight loss... Moreover, it can give to your body an added health boost all in one.


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