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Your baby just has arrived and  you are wondering how you can lose those extra pounds? Isn't that most  amazing experience for you or any one of us to become a mom and watch your baby's first smile? But now, while you are so devoted to taking a good care of an infant, most likely you are so busy that you can't find the time to eat properly and not to mention lose your post pregnancy weight.  I agree, for many of us it can often be a long and consistent struggle.

However, if you ever have heard about a revolutionary 100% natural weight loss pill Proactol, you'll be amazed to discover how easy it can be to shed of all those unwanted pounds that keep you away from your jeans or dress before pregnancy. Many woman after giving birth, seeking a natural solution to their post pregnancy weight, have tried and tested this clinically proven product that can naturally supplement your weight loss and help you to spend the time you deserve with your baby.

Proactol, a natural fat binder, has an outstanding fat attracting, binding, quality, that can help you reduce your fat intake by up to 28%. Means, when you take Proactol pill it will eliminate about 28% of fats from the food you have eaten. The fats are turned into indigestible form (excreted naturally from your body) and you can enjoy fast and effective weight loss while you still indulge in your favorite foods without having to feel guilty.



Proactol's Special Offer for a New Moms

Discounts currently available: You can get a 15% discount when you order 3 months and above, and type in BABPR1. Love saving money? Now you can Save a money while you lose your baby weight and have the body you want. Order Proactol today

Proactol is perfect for mothers who have stopped breast feeding and want to feel more confident about their bodies. But even if you are still breast feeding, you can get here free advice on how to effectively lose weight until you are ready to take Proactol. You can enjoy online aerobics videos, discussion forum and 60 delicious low fat recipes to help you lose weight. All those means can help experience real weight loss success and love your new body. Just like that...

Proactol is best to help you reduce your excess body weight, suppress your appetite and decrease your food cravings, all by taking 2-3 of our natural supplements after every meal.

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Currently are running campaigns both in the Telegraph and on the internet for customers. From top 5 weight loss tips to advice on how to lose weight for your wedding, our goal has been to make weight loss easy and simple.

Proactol has also recently been checked by the ERSP to see if what is advertisef is true. And after examining recent 5 clinical trials, the ERSP passed the product with flying colours. Read more

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Voted 1# choice for natural weight loss, Proactol's stuff is constantly seeking out new ways to help you achieve the body you want.

organicSo give your body a natural solution by using our 100% organically made supplement. Produced from the Opuntia ficus-indica cactus, with Proactol you can lose between 1-2lbs a week with minimal exercise. And once you're happy with your body, you can continue to use Proactol to maintain your new figure.

Order Proactol today and take advantage on limited time offer of a 15% discount when you enter BABPR1. You�ll soon notice a difference in your figure.

Although it's not recommended that you use Proactol whilst you are breastfeeding, you still can get your free tips, easy exercise routines and 24 hour support until you are ready to take Proactol. Read more

"After I finished breast feeding I still hadn't lost the majority of the extra weight I'd acquired and couldn't get used to my wobbly belly or new figure. My plan was to eat healthily and do as much exercise as possible. However, I wasn't prepared for how busy you are as a new mum and I often grabbed quick snacks and junk food whenever I got a moment."

"I began to use Proactol and began to steadily lose 1-3 lbs a week. By combining the pills with walks out with the pushchair I was able to manage my weight loss effectively and have enough time to be on top of everything at home"

Amy 25, UK

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It is possible to have the body you deserve, lose weight and spend quality time with your baby. And with our limited offer of a 15% discount when you order packages of 3 months and above, you can experience easy, natural weight loss with Proactol.

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