Ephedra vs. Proactol Comparison

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Ephedra diet pills or Proactol™ supplements - which can produce the best results?

Finding a reliable weight loss supplement that can offer your body more than genuine results, but credible medical backing can often feel as though you are searching for a needle in a haystack. Which are real? Which can offer you the best results?

In a bid to remove this uncertainty and offer consumers a natural alternative to weight loss surgery, we have searched the market for supplements that are clinically proven to work, and we think we have found them: Proactol™ and Ephedra.



What are Proactol™ herbal supplements?

proactol100% organic, Proactol™ is a clinically proven fat binder that works to:


  • Bind up to

    28% of your daily fat intake

  • Lower blood cholesterol

  • Decrease food cravings whilst naturally suppressing your appetite

  • Reduce your daily calorie consumption by over 300 calories a day

Whilst also offering its users, many other natural health benefits such as increased joint flexibility and a healthier sense of being.

*For more information on Proactol™ works visit Proactol site



What are Ephedra supplements?

Medically recognized as thermogenic stimulant, Ephedra pills react with the brain to:


  • increase your heart rate and metabolism

  • boost your energy levels

Through this reaction, the body naturally begins to burn the user’s body fat in order to match the bodies demand for energy.

Alongside its fat burning qualities, Ephedra is also used for a variety of other things: sports enhancement in athletes and the treatment of asthma and hay fever in suffers.

For more information on Ephedra’s medicinal history visit:




Ephedra diet pills vs. Proactol™ dietary supplements

Taking these two supplements at face value, Proactol™ and Ephedra have got a lot of potential. With each of them producing weight loss results of 1-2lbs a week.

But upon taking a closer look into the background of these two pills, we were surprised by how many differences there were between the two. Namely in the severity of Ephedra’s side effects.



Is Ephedra legal?

Only if it is free of Ephedrine alkaloids and is used in a controlled environment.

Revealed to be the cause of over 155 deaths in the US by 2004, studies of Ephedra pills have all come to the same conclusion: it is a pill to be taken with extreme caution.

Yet despite these figures and its ban by leading health officials in 2004 (for two years), Ephedra is still widely used amongst the weight loss community. Particularly, in the UK – sold over the counter and online, in the UK this supplement is easily accessible.

*PLEASE NOTE: Ephedra is still banned in some regions of the US. For more details visit:   http://wikipedia.org/wiki/Ephedra



Ephedra or Proactol™ – which one ranks #1?

Side effect free and clinically proven to work, Proactol™ is by far the more superior weight loss supplement - despite Ephedra being able to offering its users many additional health benefits.

In one neat, compact package, users can feel confident that when they use Proactol™ they are offering their bodies the genuine article. A supplement that is free from agents and fillers. But is 100% organic, and is medically proven to improve blood cholesterol, as well as being a natural fat binder.

It is a supplement that consumers can take for as long as they need, whilst feeling confident that their bodies are in safe hands.

This is not to say that Ephedra does not have its own benefits. Used for the last 5,000 years in China as a treatment for asthma and hay fever, users can experience the buzz of being able to breathe easier as they lose weight.

Yet despite all this, we cannot ignore the risks that come with using this supplement: heart attacks, hyperthermia, seizures… death. It is too much of a risk for a short term solution to weight loss.

Proactol™: 100% side effect free



Effectiveness: Effectiveness:
Usability: Usability:
Price: Price:
Medical Backing: Backed by leading health officials across the globe
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Medical Backing: Laboratory tested
Side Effects: None Side Effects:
  • Severe skin reactions
  • dizziness
  • insomnia
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Seizures
  • Hyperthermia
  • Strokes
    *Removed from US shelves in 2004 for resulting in 155 deaths.
Re-established in 2006, following a petition, but is still banned in some regions of the US - if the supplement contains ephedrine alkaloids

So if you are searching for a genuine solution to weight loss, we recommend Proactol™ 100%. With no known side effects, plus its numerous other health benefits, consumers can find everything they need all in one supplement and never have to worry about their bodies again.

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